Dan Crenshaw WRECKS Democrat Narrative With Incredible Viral Video

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is on a roll. After torching Bill Maher he’s back with a viral video debunking Democrats’ claims that the president has “blood on his hands” and “didn’t do enough” to curb the spread of the Chinese virus known as COVID-19.

This is a must-watch. Crenshaw illustrates perfectly with video evidence that the Democrats were actively downplaying the virus during the time they are now claiming Trump should have “done more.” Not only that, but they were also criticizing him for shutting down travel from China and calling him a “racist.”

Is anyone actually buying their fabricated stories and do they know they were on tape? It’s difficult to watch them try to gaslight us while we can look on YouTube and find them saying the opposite just three short months ago. Crenshaw has wrapped it all up in a nicely shareable package, so get out there and share it.