David Burtka Shares His Secrets to a Successful Marriage With Neil

David Burtka‘s relationship advice is like icing on the cake—sweet and satisfactory.

While the Broadway star has been married to Neil Patrick Harris for eight years, they’ve actually been together for two decades. So it’s safe to say that David knows a thing or two about how to have a successful romance. But the Celebrity Dish host kept it real, exclusively telling E! News that “every marriage hits rough spots and that’s just the way it is.”

“Having open lines of communication is super important in your marriage,” he shared. “Going to see someone to talk about your issues as a couple, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

The Broadway star also said that “marriage is work,” but it’s when you stop putting in the effort that the spark starts to fade.

As he put it, “You have to take care of your marriage, you have to go on dates, you have to see someone, if you can, to talk about it.”