Destiny 2: Signal Intercepted Matt Helsom quest guide

Destiny 2: Signal Intercepted Matt Helsom quest guide

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Bungie launched a new quest to honor the memory of a fallen co-worker from Vicarious Visions — Bungie’s partner studio when it was still working with Activision. Matt Helsom’s quest doesn’t appear in your inventory, but it’ll net you an Exotic Cypher if you can find his work station on Mars.

To find Helsom’s work station, land on Mars and make your way toward the Mindlab — north of the Braytech Futurescape landing zone. Follow the path until you reach the small computer room with a ton of Thrall. Defeat them and crawl through the tube toward the Mindlab proper on the map.

The work station looks like this!
Image: Bungie via News Brig

Immediately after you get out of the tube, turn right. If you reach the dark room with the Warsats, you’ve gone too far.

There’s a new door open, and inside is a little work station with a glass of water, a sticky note that says “Hot Dog!,” and a red keyboard. When you walk through the door, you’ll get an investigate prompt. This can be kinda finicky, especially if you’re in a group. Orient yourself until you find it. Investigate and then go back to Ana — there is no dialogue or special sound.

Bungie loving, in-universe memorial for Helsom
Image: Bungie via News Brig

Ana will give you a nice message and offer you an Exotic Cypher, a new material you can use to get old Exotics you’ve missed from the Cryptarch or get a second Exotic from Xur in a given week. Note that you can only have one Cypher per account. Once you accept the Cypher, you’ve finished the quest, and helped Bungie honor the memory of Matt Helsom.

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