“Don’t Call Unless They Have His Ink on a Contract” – Tyron Woodley on Colby Covington Matchup

"Don't Call Unless They Have His Ink on a Contract" - Tyron Woodley on Colby Covington Matchup

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley told the UFC not to offer him the Colby Covington fight.

When Colby won the interim welterweight championship, he was next in line to fight Tyron for the undisputed belt. However, due to various reasons, the fight never materialized. Since then, Colby has offered to fight Woodley several times.

Originally, Tyron was supposed to fight Leon Edwards in London. But that fight fell apart because of the Coronavirus. Covington put his name in the hat to fight Tyron. Yet the fight never happened.

Ben Askren feels Colby Covington is being a “poser”

Recently, Gilbert Burns vs Kamaru Usman fell through. Once again, Colby volunteered to step up. Unfortunately for Colby, Jorge Masvidal seized the opportunity before him. Many people including former UFC welterweight Ben Askren believe that Colby did not want to fight.

“I said Masvidal means it, Colby doesn’t. It’s obvious to me. I mean it’s cuz of my relationship with Tyron Woodley, and how many times — I know for a fact Tyron has been up for that fight and accepted. I think six times against Colby. And Colby has refused to sign the contract,”  Askren told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani.

“At this point, he is trending towards the area of a keyboard warrior. I know he actually fights in the cage. I know he is actually good at fighting. But when you say you will do something and you don’t actually mean it, that actually takes so much away. And honestly, one of the shticks that Colby kinda had going for him, was that he would just show up and fight.

“And now he is proving that to be false. At the beginning of the Corona thing, he volunteered to fight Woodley a couple of times. Everyone was for it except Colby. He said he would do it then he didn’t do it, right? He’s done it a few other times. We just know he’s being a poser at this point.”

Tyron Woodley claims that the UFC offered him the Colby Covington Fight

Surprisingly, Woodley responded to ESPN’s Instagram post. He said that he was offered the fight on Monday. But he told the company not to call him unless Colby has already signed the contract. Besides that, he stated that he wants to fight a big name next.

“@benaskren I was offered this fight again Monday. i told them don’t call unless they have his ink on a contract. not playing games with him! @arielhelwani if not him want a big name, juice and something to get excited about like @cowboycerrone.”

Colby vs Woodley is long overdue. As of now, Covington is ranked #2 and Woodley is ranked #5.  Both fighters are coming off a loss and share a history. It might finally be the perfect time to match these two athletes against each other.

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