Duke Energy crews adapt to social distancing guidelines during severe weather preparations

Duke Energy crews are preparing for power outages due to overnight weather Sunday into Monday.

“This storm has the potential with the wind and the rain to cause significant outages,” said Ryan Mosier, a spokesman for Duke Energy.

They’re asking people to have a plan in place in case they lose power.

“Well hopefully customers have been paying attention the last couple of days, tracking the storm, watching the news,” said Mosier.

He said they are used to springtime storms, but dealing with them during the coronavirus pandemic is a new challenge.

“The safety of our employees and the safety of our customers is priority job number one so we’ve been following CDC guidance, our crews will be implementing social distancing and using PPE as appropriate,” said Mosier.

Mosier said the company is also asking for people not to approach them while they’re out responding to calls.

They say people should be following the stay home order.

“A lot of times after a storm you want to go out and see what happened and interact with folks and obviously that’s not something we’re encouraging folks to do right now,” said Mosier.

If people do talk to crews, they have been advised to maintain six feet of distance from people.

Duke crews are preparing for a high wind event, but they cannot respond when winds are above 39 miles an hour

“In the times that we’re living in today, things are a little different as far as preparations go but our teams are standing by and we’ll respond as soon as it’s safe to do so,” said Mosier.

To report an outage to Duke Energy, click here. You can also text OUT to 57801.

For power restoration updates, follow Duke Energy on Twitter and Facebook.

The company also reminds people to not bring generators indoors.

They say you should make plans if you rely on electricity for medical reasons in case of an outage.