Dylan O’Brien on Shooting With Dogs in Love and Monsters: The Greatest Screen Partner You Could Ever Have

Love and Monsters Movie Review: Critics are Praising Dylan O'Brien's Creature Feature

Dylan O’Brien starrer Love and Monsters has struck a chord with the audience and the fans.  In an interview, the actor has opened up about sharing the most screentime with his co-star who happens to be a dog. “Honestly, that was just like one of the greatest parts of the whole thing,” Dylan told CBR.com. “The fact that I had this companion who genuinely means so much to me, that dog — and his double too, Dodge, they were a pair because obviously, they have to relieve each other every now and then — and that little family to me with their trainer and owner as well, Zelie [Bullen], who’s one of the greatest, warmest humans I’ve ever been around in my life.” Love and Monsters Movie Review: Critics are Praising Dylan O’Brien’s Creature Feature.

In Love and Monsters, beastly creatures have taken over the planet. In this post-apocalyptic world, Dylan decides to bet it all for love and make an 80-miles journey to meet the love of his life. He finds a road trip companion in the dog.

The actor continued, “My whole first experience getting out there to Australia to shoot was dog training and going out to Zelie’s. She lives on this beautiful ranch out in Australia and has all these amazing animals, and Hero and Dodge are like the best dogs ever, and I’m just basically getting acquainted with them so they’re comfortable with me. It was just like the greatest thing that I could ask for.” Love and Monsters Trailer: Dylan O’Brien’s Creature Feature Looks Funny and Thrilling (Watch Video).

Dylan shared that some of his favourite pictures from the sets are where he is sitting on the grass and petting the dogs or lying on the beach with Hero licking his face. “Honestly, those moments, what else can you ask for? Literally, they reset me,” he said.

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The actor revealed that he continues to be in touch with the family that owns the dogs. Zelie had texted him recently about getting kisses from Heo.

“It was a big lovefest. So, the greatest screen partner you could ever have,” the actor concluded.

The movie had to skip a theatrical route and release straight to digital. While critics have not been easy on the film, most have praised that the movie works despite the drawbacks

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