EA UFC 4 Career Mode – Improvements and Evolutions

EA UFC 4 Career Mode - Improvements and Evolutions

EA has hyped the latest UFC 4 game to the core. The game is touted to be equipped with some of the latest technology in gaming to make it one of the most authentic games at present. To add to that, the developers just dropped the career mode trailer and MMA fans cannot be more excited.

The new career mode in the game is said to have a more realistic feel to it. EA already showcased how much the gameplay has been improved with new grappling and submission systems. Now, career mode is taking a big turn.

This time, players take full control. No matter if you are inside or outside the octagon. Every choice the player ends up making affects the character’s career. Basically, your choices will help you to become the next undisputed UFC Champion.

New interactive coach

Much of the trailer showcased the new coach ‘Davis’. Davis will be vital in the player’s career and interaction with him will be frequent. The player/coach relationship will be vital to the overall career success of the character. Coach Davis will help you start off from just a rookie to conquering the MMA world.

The game features an entirely new relationship system apart from the coach. This means there’d be more drama, friendship, and rivalries as you move on. The fighter’s success will also be shaped by his interaction and relationship with fans, sparring partners, other fighters, and promoters.

Fighter evolution

Players can choose different weight class and discipline for their characters. The new evolution feature lets the character grow based on the very same. Every move in the octagon improves the fighter in real-time, in terms of damage and aesthetics.

There are 5 different sparring techniques to choose from including the likes of Brazilian Ji Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, among others.

Players can earn evolution points as they level up, which they can in turn use to buy perks or upgrade their fighters’ attributes.

Other improvements in EA UFC 4

UFC 4 also features improvements on the social side. You can use social media to call out fighters or to befriend them (Now there is a major step towards realism if there ever was one). Training with specific fighters will improve your arsenal and skill-set.

However, do note that sparring partners remain your friends until you end up knocking them out. This can lead to a feud within the training camp that will end up affecting your fighter.

Players get choices on their paths to enter UFC; Amateur Circuit, World Fighting Alliance (WFA), or through Dana White’s Contender Series. If you fail to get in, you can work your way back up through the WFA once again.

The game will also feature a new injury system that will affect the player’s career. If you were to get seriously injured, chances are that your career will get shortened.

In the end, what you make out of the game is up to you. You need not be the hero, you may well be the villain, depending on your choices. Every journey is different and the game promises that no storyline is scripted; leaving your fate in your hands.

Source: EA Sports YouTube

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