Earn up to $1 Million from Apple’s expanded bug bounty program

Apple at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference 2019, Las Vegas, United States announced that a person who can hack an iPhone would get $1 million as a reward. Apple’s introduction of a huge lumpsum serves as an exciting opportunity to many.

The American multinational company is famous for its quality products and services. But the ground reality is it’s a tech company and every service cannot be perfect. Well, the multi-dollar tech company is famous for its hardware product iPhone.

Apart from this, they also have the iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple watches, and many others. The software of the company includes iOS, macOS, watchOS, and many others.

What Apple officials have to say regarding the pay?

Ivan Krstic, Apple’s head of security engineering and architecture announced that they are also looking out for security researchers. This is going to help employ many people from all around the globe. They can earn cash by helping Apple accomplish their task.

Ivan Krstic promised to pay amounts for work accomplished:

  • $100,000 for lock screen bypass.
  • $250000 for the derivation of the user’s data.
  • High-value user data can be accessed without any authorization: $100,000.
  • Execution of Kernel code: $150000.
  • Attacking high-value data using CPU side-channel: $250000, and many others.

Why is Apple eager to pay such huge sum to researchers and white hat hackers? Well, the company wants to ensure security to its users.

Apart from this, the company wants the best researchers to work for them. Usually, such researchers research and provide data to hacker groups at a huge price.

It poses a threat to the security of the users of Apple. Apple, in turn, came up with the idea of gathering such data at a huge price and using it for making their products better. Apple users will face no privacy threats soon.