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Earn up to $1 Million from Apple’s expanded bug bounty program

Catherina Ploumidakis



Apple at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference 2019, Las Vegas, United States announced that a person who can hack an iPhone would get $1 million as a reward. Apple’s introduction of a huge lumpsum serves as an exciting opportunity to many.

The American multinational company is famous for its quality products and services. But the ground reality is it’s a tech company and every service cannot be perfect. Well, the multi-dollar tech company is famous for its hardware product iPhone.

Apart from this, they also have the iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple watches, and many others. The software of the company includes iOS, macOS, watchOS, and many others.

What Apple officials have to say regarding the pay?

Ivan Krstic, Apple’s head of security engineering and architecture announced that they are also looking out for security researchers. This is going to help employ many people from all around the globe. They can earn cash by helping Apple accomplish their task.

Ivan Krstic promised to pay amounts for work accomplished:

  • $100,000 for lock screen bypass.
  • $250000 for the derivation of the user’s data.
  • High-value user data can be accessed without any authorization: $100,000.
  • Execution of Kernel code: $150000.
  • Attacking high-value data using CPU side-channel: $250000, and many others.

Why is Apple eager to pay such huge sum to researchers and white hat hackers? Well, the company wants to ensure security to its users.

Apart from this, the company wants the best researchers to work for them. Usually, such researchers research and provide data to hacker groups at a huge price.

It poses a threat to the security of the users of Apple. Apple, in turn, came up with the idea of gathering such data at a huge price and using it for making their products better. Apple users will face no privacy threats soon.

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You will now be needing ETIAS if you are visiting Countries belonging to Schengen Border

Catherina Ploumidakis



Schengen Map consists of 26 European countries that act as a single jurisdiction for travel purposes being a part of one border. They have officially ended the requirement of all passport and any other type of border protection or control at their mutual borders. It is the policy of the European Union and the Schengen Border countries have open boundary area.


The 26 countries falling under the Schengen Border Area are namely, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland. The Schengen Border has a population of 400 million.

There are a total of 60 countries in the world that do not need a visa to enter the European countries that also includes countries belonging to the Schengen Border Area.

Since the whole area acts a single jurisdiction for travel purpose, the latest visa-waiver system will be applied to all the 26 countries.

The European Union is soon launching a new visa-waiver system called the ETIAS. ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System.

It is not a visa but a new visa waiver system that is going to be in action from 1st January 2021. The proposal has already passed in the month of November in 2018 but they will be applied from the beginning of 2021.

ETIAS are only mandatory for the people who were earlier allowed to travel in these European Countries without having to acquire their visa.

These countries include New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United States. But now Europe has a new travel authorization system for these citizens.

People who always needed a visa to visit these countries belonging to the Schengen Border area or Europe will remain unaffected with the launch of this new visa-waiver system. The travel procedure will be the same for them as earlier.

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ETIAS will permit you to stay in any of these European countries for a period of three months without having your visa. They can only be used to stay in these countries if you are visiting with the purpose of travel, business, transit or medical. However, you can not use your ETIAS to stay on the continent for job or education purpose.

Everyone traveling Europe will be needing ETIAS regardless of age. Meaning that minors (children below the age of 18) and old age people above the age of 70 will also have to apply for their individual visa. To apply for ETIAS you must visit the official site and fill out an application form. The form with all your basic details, after submitting the form you will receive the decision within minutes about your ETIAS.

To apply for ETIAS you must have a valid passport. One can not apply for ETIAS without a passport. The validity of the ETIAS will be three years and it will allow you to stay in the continent for three months at once in the European nations.

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Lakefront Brewery recalls beer due to the risk of exploding bottles

Catherina Ploumidakis



Lakefront Brewery has recalled one of its beers due to a risk that the bottles might explode.

The Wisconsin-based brewery took to Instagram and said that any person with their ‘My Turn Junk’ beer should carefully dispose or refrigerate them.

According to the post, apparently, a small quantity of wild yeast derived from cherries and utilized to brew could build pressure in the bottle. The reaction of this may cause a risk for explosion, the brewery further noted.

Lakefront Brewery took the decision of voluntarily recalling the brew after 3 bottles of it exploded, reports WTVR. No cases of formal complaints or injuries have been reported until now in association with the recalled brew.

Though the bottles might be at a risk for explosion, the beer is apparently safe for consumption. The issue seems to crop up entirely from the cherries utilized to brew which might continue to ferment and cause a build-up of carbon dioxide pressure within the bottle.

As per a report by WTVR, Michael Stodola, who works with Lakefront Brewery, has confirmed about the problem. He said that things get unpredictable when dealing with nature. The yeast continually eats the sugars and release carbon dioxide as well as alcohol resulting in the build-up pressure inside the bottles, Stodola added.

The beer is a part of the brewery’s ‘My Turn’ series where an opportunity to developer their own brew is given to each employee, reports WTVR. Reportedly, the brew ‘My Turn Junk’ was created by Andy Jungwirth.

Upon hearing the recall news, Jungwirth was very disappointed and said that Lakefront Brewery wouldn’t likely create another batch of the series.

Lakefront is extending a refund to any of its customers who might have the recalled beers. They simply have to take an image of the printed label and send an email to the brewery latest by 1 October to receive a refund.

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Top mistakes to avoid while buying rattan garden furniture

Catherina Ploumidakis



Outdoor furniture will, in general, look incredibly engaging when seen on a website, and this angle can regularly abrogate other significant contemplations in the brains of buyers. With all the business open-air furniture makers out there, you need to guarantee that the yard furniture you purchase is ideal for your needs along with space.

Here at rattan outdoor furniture, there is a rundown of regular missteps that happen when acquiring outdoor furniture. Investigate these most significant errors, so you have a simpler time buying the appropriate kind of furniture.

Top mistakes to avoid while buying rattan garden furniture

Image: Pixabay

To keep the clients from encountering disappointment, this rundown of elements must be viewed as when purchasing rattan garden furniture, shown beneath:

The size needs checking:

These furniture sets may look great on a website page; however, they will be useless if their measurements are not appropriate for a client’s nursery. To keep away from possibly discarding their investment on an evil fitting greenhouse set, imminent purchasers are accordingly encouraged to check double whether the furniture measurements are directly for their open-air region preceding buy.

Not focusing on materials:

Your area matters when choosing materials for rattan garden furniture UK. Your top contemplations include choosing water-safe and climate-safe materials, for example, all-climate wicker, powder-covered metals, polypropylene weaving, teak, and other textures utilized in furniture parts.

However, likewise, think about your area. Certain spots can encounter other open-air conditions, for example, ocean water at beachfront zones.

Ensure it is Climate Safe:

The significance of picking climate-safe nursery furniture is of utmost importance. Clients who do pick touchy climate pieces, for example, a specific rattan set, ought to guarantee they have a satisfactory extra room to stow them away in during harsh climate.

Overlooking Solace:

When acquiring things from producers of rattan garden furniture sale, you can get made up for lost time with excellence so much that you neglect to ensure that the furniture is agreeable. Furniture that is excessively hard and unflinching can make a terrible encounter for clients.

Overlooking functionality over form:

Appealing upholstery or pads can truly supplement rattan sofa furniture set; in any case, in picking these embellishments, it is significant not to dismiss usefulness.

For example, the more texture extras are included, the more there will be to wash, patch, or dispose of toward the season-end.

Check every option:

Significantly, clients don’t agree to the first furniture shop they visit, or even the most reasonable one. Potential buyers ought not to be reluctant to survey each alternative, to guarantee they settle on the correct decision; it is preferable to keep away from disillusionment over saving money and time.

In any case, customers ought to likewise be mindful so as not to give themselves a chance to be stalled by such a large number of conclusions, as these could settle on achieving a choice harder, and consequently pointlessly protract the way toward picking rattan furniture for sale.

Not putting together Decisions concerning functionality:

Commercial open-air spaces can have various capacities. You can have a territory for eating, somewhere else for relaxing, and space for occasions. You need furniture that fits into the specific size of every region to satisfy your visitors. Check out for on for witnessing a variety of furniture sets from rattan.

Overlooking safety:                                                       

Imagine for a minute to make sense of how to shield your furniture from extreme climate and during seasons when the open-air contract furniture won’t be being used. This upkeep plan can help draw out the usefulness and magnificence of your furnishings.

Depending Just On Feel:

Even though it is extraordinary to have an exquisite and lavish open-air setting, excellence ought not to be the main factor considered. Lovely outdoor feasting or living set may be outwardly engaging, yet not down to earth.

Consequently, guarantee that you advance your outside setting with furniture that is entirely pressed by a specific topic and not just excellence. Make sure to put your outdoor furniture in setting with the external condition.

At that point, pick the hues and style in like manner. After thinking about these elements, you can sit down and assess the solace it offers. The critical objective of furniture is to provide comfort and a loosening up open-air involvement.

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Simple however they may appear, watching these few hints for selecting garden furniture will fundamentally improve the probability of clients being content with their possible buy.

One thing is for sure; however, the scope of furniture accessible from rattan is the ideal decision for your nursery! These products won‘t need a lot of maintenance.

Rattan offers you some of the most exclusive top quality products in the market. Visit their site today for additional on the most recent variety of outdoor furniture and pick the best one for you.

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