Elon Musk causes a stir after tweeting ‘legalize comedy’

Elon Musk created a ruckus early Wednesday by cryptically posting the phrase “legalize comedy” on Twitter.

Tesla’s eccentric billionaire boss — who last week vaulted past Jeff Bezos to become the world’s richest person — posted the tweet without any context and it is unclear what he was referring to.

Nevertheless, users flocked to ascribe meaning to Musk’s words as the tweet racked up more than 300,000 likes and 30,000 retweets in less than 5 hours.

“Make Speech Free Again,” replied the official account for Gab, the far-right website that advertises itself as the “free speech social network”.

“Speech is free, private companies have a right to do what they want in their business,” another user shot back, apparently defending moves in recent days by tech giants including Twitter and Facebook to take down Donald Trump’s social-media accounts — and possibly Amazon’s controversial move to force the Parler app offline.

“In 2021 too many people are offended though, comedy was better before the Snowflakes and Karen’s decended onto Earth,” another user replied to Musk.

“Comedy is acting out optimism,” a fourth user wrote, quoting Robin Williams.

The tweet comes just days after Musk sent an obscure medical device company’s stock soaring more than 400 percent with a two-word tweet telling his followers to “Use Signal”. As it became clear that Musk had been referring to the Signal encrypted messaging app, the company’s stock plunged.

The SpaceX boss also has been tweeting a flurry of jokes in recent weeks. On Tuesday, Musk shared a meme that included a character from a Bandai Namco game.

Musk’s inclusion of the character sent the company’s stock up 4.4 percent.