Erdoğan discusses with Putin possibility of peace talks with Ukraine

Erdoğan at a meeting with Putin in Uzbekistan in September

He said Putin’s agreement to prolong the Black Sea grain export deal for 120 more days showed the Kremlin’s “constructive attitude.”

The Turkish leader stressed the dragging out of the Russian war against Ukraine would raise risks, so it “would be reasonable to intensify diplomatic negotiations”with Kyiv.

Erdoğan also commented on a recent meeting between Russian and U.S. intelligence delegations in Ankara, saying it played a key role in “preventing uncontrolled escalation.”

The leaders also discussed the idea of creating a Turkish “gas hub”. Specialists from both sides intend to conduct technical, legal and commercial assessments of the project.

The Turkish President is still eager to mediate in peace negotiations with Ukraine.

On Nov. 12, Erdoğan said he was going to find out Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s position regarding possible peace talks.

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Earlier, Turkey declared Russian dictator Putin wanted a new “grand bargain” with the West.

On Nov. 6, the Turkish president said even the worst peace was better than war, referring to the grain deal and prisoners-of-war swaps.

The Ukrainian president said that negotiations between Ukraine and Russia would be impossible while Russia is headed by the dictator Putin and approved a decree of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) to that effect on Oct.4.

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Ukraine’s success in possible negotiations with Russia would depend on Kyiv’s strength on the battlefield.

President Zelenskyy also believes the dialogue could be possible only under the condition of a complete Russian withdrawal from all occupied Ukrainian territories, and also its admission that the full-scale invasion was “a terrible mistake”.

At the G20 summit Zelenskyy proposed a 10-point plan for achieving peace, which included restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, respect for the UN Charter, compensation for all the damage caused by the Russian war, punishment for all war crimes and security guarantees for the future.

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Upon withdrawal of its troops from the western bank of the Dnipro River, Moscow declared its willingness for peace negotiations “without any conditions.” However, it still continues to carry out mass missile and air strikes on Ukraine’s energy system.

In return, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said the Kremlin wasn’t in a position to dictate its conditions.

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