ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky shares strange shower habit, gets ripped on Twitter

At least he won’t only be remembered for accidentally running out of the end zone in an NFL game.

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky tweeted that he uses a towel 30 times before throwing it in the laundry, in response to a question posed by 3-time Ravens Pro Bowler Marlon Humphrey.

“I want to be able to shower and then have a full body blower dry me off,” Humphrey tweeted. “Boom. No towel. How has someone not created this yet.”

Dan Orlovsky looks on prior to Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium on February 12, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona.
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Orlovsky replied, “You’re weirder than me man.”

Humphrey answered back, “Does anyone really like towels tho?”

Then the former quarterback dropped the bombshell.

“Question is: How many times do you use a towel post shower till you throw it in the laundry? I’m 30 times or so till it goes in

“And no I agree but that air better be HOT.”

Humphrey replied: “30 times I honestly don’t know but not that many lol.”

Orlovsky’s method was met with little sympathy.

“Dan just want some attention now…ain’t no way 30 times!” tweeted 3-time Seahawks Pro Bowl Safety Quandre Diggs.

ESPN’s Tom Hart tweeted, “you are a disgusting human being.”

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus asked, “By that point the towel just walks itself to the laundry?”

Perhaps it’s a quarterback thing because Orlovsky found a defender in former Charger Ryan Leaf.

“I’m probably right there with ya Dan. 30 or so. Reminds me I need to wash my shower towel!”

Orlovsky played parts of seven seasons in the NFL and is best remembered for going 0-7 as a starter for the 2008 Lions, the first team to finish 0-16 in league history.

In a 12-10 loss to the Vikings in Week 6, he unknowingly ran out of the end zone for a safety as he was being chased by Minnesota’s Jared Allen.

He also made the rounds on Twitter last September after he seemingly passed gas on-air while discussing the Bills’ offense.

Orlovsky later tweeted, “Shoulda never tried the blue cheese…”