Everything You Need to Know About the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony 2021

Everything You Need to Know About the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony 2021

The 2020 and 2021 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place last night. This year’s class featured some of the biggest names in WWE history, while 2020s class wasn’t bad either. One of the most iconic factions entered the Hall of Fame, along with one of the most recognizable characters in WWE history.

Former WWE Champion JBL enters the WWE Hall of Fame

Before finding his place on the commentary team, JBL was an accomplished wrestler. The big man from Texas won the United States Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and the WWE Championship.

He underwent one of the biggest transformations of any wrestler, from the bada– Bradshaw to the elite JBL. He retired in 2009, his last match coming at WrestleMania 25 against Rey Mysterio.

JBL’s speech began with his football career and how he achieved his dream of becoming a pro wrestler. He also narrated a tale of how he almost got stabbed once, but the guy ran away once Fit Finlay showed up.

He paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero and praised John Cena, the man who beat him for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 21, and ended his speech by declaring himself a ‘wrestling god’.

Davey Boy Smith Jr inducts his legendary father into the Hall of Fame

The British Bulldog is one of WWE’s biggest babyface stars. The former Intercontinental Champion’s career first began as a tag team player, alongside the late great Dynamite Kid. He and his cousin won titles all over the world before coming to WWE.

Davey Boy Smith Jr, another former WWE superstar, delivered an emotional tribute to his father. He remembered the iconic SummerSlam 1992 main event at Wembley Stadium and the matches with Owen Hart.

He finishes his speech by showing his gratefulness for carrying his father’s legacy and thanked every superstar who stepped in the ring with his father.

Japanese legend Jushin Thunder Liger makes a virtual appearance

Retiring recently in 2020, Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger is one of the best wrestlers in the world. He revolutionized wrestling in Japan and became an international icon. He even competed at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn against Tyler Breeze.

Liger said he’s never been this nervous to speak before, but delivered a few words of gratefulness.

He said, “I am excited. I have goosebumps all over me. And this is the first time I’ve been so nervous to speak. It’s a great honor to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and to receive a Hall of Fame plaque and ring. I’m really glad I became a professional wrestler. I am really thankful to you, our fans. Thank you all so much, thank you all my fans in WWE.”

The Bella Twins make history

The first twins to be inducted into the Hall of Fame; the Bella Twins deserved this induction after their contributions to the company. They became one of the most iconic duos in sports entertainment and warranted a spot among the best female wrestlers of all time.

Nikki and Brie joked about who will speak first, before delivering an emotional speech about their journey to WWE. They talked about how they were discovered during a random 2006 WWE Talent Search and the rest is history.

They thanked their step-father, John Laurinaitis, Dusty Rhodes, Pat Patterson, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Nikki’s fiancee Artem. Their children are going to carry on their legacy eighteen years later, at least that’s what the Bella Twins think.

Titus O’Neil receives the Warrior Award

Titus O’Neil is the only active wrestler to win the Warrior Award for his philanthropic work and his charities. He began his speech by talking about the hardships he faced in life, and how he heard the words ‘I love you and I believe in you’ for the first time.

O’Neil went from an underachieving student to an All American, and his WWE career is the culmination of his hard work. Whether it’s his tag title win with Darren Young or the infamous Titus Worldslide, he deserves his place in the Hall of Fame.

He said he wants to continue working to better the lives of underprivileged children and provide housing, education, transportation and every means to make their lives easier.

The nWo enters the WWE Hall of Fame

One of the most influential factions of all time, the face of the Monday Night Wars and WWE’s biggest acquisition after the Wars ended. The nWo, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, and Sean Waltman are all two-time Hall of Fame inductees.

Hogan arrived with the nWo World Championship and played the iconic air guitar. Kevin Nash talked about how he and Hall jumped ship, and it’s incredible that the nWo has still been a thing 25 years later. Listening to ‘Hey Yo’ from Scott Hall brought a smile to everyone’s face.

The host of WrestleMania 30, Hulk Hogan, talked about how he never lost the nWo World Title. The 2020 Class ended in grand fashion with WCW’s most iconic faction.

Rob Van Dam is the first inductee of the 2021 class

The first inductee of the 2021 class of the WWE Hall of Fame was the human highlight reel, Rob Van Dam. RVD became the second member of the ECW Originals to enter the Hall of Fame after the Dudley Boyz.

One of the most iconic wrestlers of all time, RVD is one of the few wrestlers to win both the ECW and WWE Championship. He dazzled the Hall of Fame stage in a black suit and a purple tie, delivered a wonderful acceptance speech, and left fans wanting more.

RVD talked about how people tried to change him, but they could not. He thanked guys like the Shiekh, Greg Valentine, Sabu and people he wrestled on the independent scene. He closed out his speech by saying he can’t describe the high from hitting the Five Star Frog Splash, and of course only he would know.

Mighty Molly Holly enters the WWE Hall of Fame

The only female inductee of this year’s class, Molly Holly, delivered a hilarious speech. She joked about being one of two people to have their head shaved in the WWE. “One is the most influential person to ever step in a ring, and the other was Vince McMahon,” joked Molly.

She named a few people who helped put together WWE shows, giving them credit for their job. Her speech was brief, but it was absolutely wonderful.

The Great Khali makes history

Dalip Singh, the first Indian World Champion, entered the WWE Hall of Fame. Khali was a surprising pick for the honor, but he wholly deserved it. He appeared virtually from India and made a short speech.

The seven-foot giant is only the second Indian to enter the Hall of Fame, the first being Dara Singh, a wrestling great from the 70s. He claimed he could not express his joy at getting inducted, and even though he couldn’t make it to the Thunderdome, his heart was with all of his fans.

Eric Bischoff enters the WWE Hall of Fame

One of the most controversial figures in the wrestling business, Eric Bischoff, finally made it to the WWE Hall of Fame. Despite being Vince McMahon’s rival at the peak of his career, he became an important part of WWE Raw and had a stint as the Raw General Manager.

The former President of WCW opened by thanking the late Verne Gagne for kicking off his career. After WCW sank, he thought his career was over, but Vince McMahon rescued him.

He thanked the giants of the wrestling industry, whose shoulder he sat atop and became one of the biggest names in wrestling.

The Devil’s Favourite Demon closes out the Hall of Fame ceremony

Kane is a top tier athlete and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but he does not get enough credit for his work. Mostly because he was overshadowed by Austin and The Rock in the Attitude Era, and he always remained in the Undertaker’s shadow.

Despite that, Kane amassed an amazing WWE career and his Hall of Fame induction tops off a brilliant 24 years in the business. He thanked wrestling stalwarts Jim Ross, Dutch Mantel, and Jim Cornette for the opportunities they gave him. Kane even thanked his fictional father, Paul Bearer.

He gave a special thanks to the Undertaker, without whom there wouldn’t have been a Kane. According to him, Undertaker vs Kane was one of the greatest stories ever told in WWE.

The Warrior Award for the 2021 class went to Rich Hering, who served as WWE’s Senior Vice President of Government Relations & Risk Management, and began his career over 50 years ago with Vincent J. McMahon, father of current WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon.

William Shatner, the man who played Star Trek’s Captain Kirk and rockstar Ozzy Osbourne, were inducted into the celebrity wings of the WWE Hall of Fame.

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