Ezra Miller seen ‘choking’ female fan in video, shocked fans say ‘he is a psychopath’

Ezra Miller is trending on Twitter and not for the best reasons.

A short video clip of him choking a female fan at a local store in Iceland, has gone viral on Twitter, and fans are slamming him left, right and center. In the video, Miller says, “Oh, you wanna fight? That’s what you wanna do?” while he grabs the girl by the neck and pushes her into the back wall of an aisle truck parked behind her. The girl appears to have a smile on her face, which led to many wondering whether it was all in good fun.

However, not everyone has the same opinion. In the video, the camera goes haywire and you can hear someone in the background panicking. The video ends quickly, and Reddit users have been wondering why there has been a strange silence around this. It’s unknown whether this was an act of aggression or provocation. Nevertheless, Ezra Miller, who plays Barry Allen or The Flash in the DCEU, has been facing the heat from netizens.

“Finding out ezra miller is no longer the white boy icon we saw him to be I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU EZRA,” tweeted a fan.

“ezra miller… what the fuck are you doing,” wrote another fan.


“No matter what the reason, it is never alright to choke anyone deliberately. Not okay for Ezra Miller. Not okay for everyone-else,” tweeted a fan.

“So ezra miller fully choke slammed a girl??? Wtfffff,” asked a fan.

Another fan associated his behavior with the thriller, ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’. “Bruh, Ezra Miller exudes ‘psychopath’! Has anyone not seen ‘We need to talk about Kevin’? His role on the film is precisely why I’m not even shocked to see why he’s trending right now. My brain just associates his persona with that specific role ever since, ” tweeted a fan.

A ‘Flash’ fan went on to say, “I have a solution to the Ezra Miller nightmare that I have just seen… just slide Grant in and we still get our flash movie. Universe and 2020 I need this film. You can take Ezra but not the film.”

Many wanted a new face for Flash in ‘Justice League’, like this fan: “i have been waiting for this day i never liked ezra miller hes a complete wacko, grant gustin stans RISE.” He praised Grant Gustin who plays the role of Barry Allen in the CW series ‘The Flash’.

Someone said, “I always knew Ezra Miller was an asshole anyway. In a flash his career his over just like that.”

While another tweeted, “Yeah…um,#TheFlash ain’t happening after what #EzraMiller did…God I hope it was some sick joke or something idk but yeah this movies cursed. Why Ezra?

Shocked fans kept on tweeting, like this follower: “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THIS #EzraMiller THING HE- OMG WHAT THE HECK THIS CANT BE REAL OH MY GO”

Others just wrote, “Oh no, not you, Ezra Miller.” and “Ezra Miller????” among other surprised tweets.

However, some fans are waiting for the whole story. One fan tweeted, “And, twitter, do something you hate to do. Wait for the whole story before demanding someone’s life is destroyed.”

Ezra Miller has been contacted for a comment.