Facebook’s new Venue app is an interactive hub for live events

Facebook's new Venue app is an interactive hub for live events

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team has rolled out a new app called Venue, which aims to provide an interactive second-screen experience for live events. To be absolutely clear, the app wasn’t designed to livestream the events it features. Instead, it will serve as home for “venues” hosted by expert commentators, such as journalists, current or former athletes and analysts, which fans can enter while an event is ongoing.

Since the app was created so that fans can split their attention between the event and their phones, hosts can ping guests whenever something important or memorable is happening. They can do so by creating and posting “Moments” in their venues in the form of commentaries, interactive questions, polls and short chats. In a way, it’s like following live tweets by an expert. “With Venue, fans can stop scrolling or searching to find the exact moment everyone is reacting to,” the NPE team explained.

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