Fans Blast WWE for Burying Lana After Rusev’s AEW Jump

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, something happened that happened last week. This coincidentally also happened the week before. You may have guessed it by now- Lana got sent through a table, again.

Once more, being on the receiving end of the Nia Jax- Shayna Baszler beatdown, Lana and Natalya could not defend themselves against the sheer aggression. 

Setting a big example for the third consecutive week, Nia Jax delivered a huge Samoan Drop to Lana through the commentary table. The result left her completely and utterly beaten.

The question now arises- Is Lana being punished? That ship has probably sailed now. The next question is- Why is she being punished so much?

Ever since her husband and former WWE Superstar Miro (Rusev) joined AEW, Lana has been on the wrong end of the sword. The fact that Miro joined WWE’s arch-rival promotion right now and went so far as to call out WWE in veiled shots probably had something to do with it.

However, Lana has been paying, and paying, and paying. There seems to be no endgame to this beatdown. WWE fans have also started feeling sympathetic for her.

Fans are aware of what is happening to Lana

On Twitter, a number of fans have expressed their concern. This is probably the most obvious burial in WWE history. Michael Cole himself must be pretty annoyed by the fact that his table gets wrecked every Monday Night.

Despite this one-sided storyline, some fans are optimistic about Lana. They claim that WWE has big plans for the female Superstar and that this is part of a storyline.

This theory also makes sense because if she knew she was being buried, she would have packed her bags by now. AEW always have the door open and that’s what scares WWE.

There will probably be a lot of criticism over the segment. Although, Lana could see better days in the future episodes of Raw. We can only find out in time.