Father-to-be should avoid alcohol 6 months before conception

Alcohol consumption of parents before fertilization causes congenital defects and developmental problems in newborns. According to studies, father-to-be should avoid alcohol consumption at least three months before conception.

Not only father but mother-to-be should also avoid drinking alcohol to protect her newborn from congenital heart disease. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year almost 1% of newborns suffer from congenital diseases. That means almost 40,000 babies each year born with this defect and the number is on the rise.

There are 52% higher chances that the baby will have congenital heart disease. If the father consumes five to six drinks per session. However, babies are 16% at risk if the mother-to-be drank before conception compared to non-drinker parents.

Meta-analysis shows a link between the drinking and birth defects

In the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, published a meta-analysis and shows an association between the drinking and Birth defects.

According to author Jiabi Qin, Central South University said in a statement drinking alcohol by would-be parents is dangerous. It will not only be dangerous for the health of the newborn but also be dangerous for the health of parents also.

According to the CDC, congenital heart disease is the most common type of heart disease in newborns.  One out of every 33 babies born with birth defects which become the reason for infant death. However, 30% of babies are born with other physical or developmental problems.

It all causes due to parental drinking habits. So the results suggest a father to not consume alcohol 6 months before fertilization. However, the mother should stop deinking one year before fertilization while totally avoid during pregnancy.