Former Wizards Star Shares Details of What He Did with Michael Jordan’s Gear Found in His Old Locker

"You’re Known as the Human Highlight Film": Former Wizards Player Reveals How Michael Jordan Trash Talked His Own Teammate

After finishing his glorious career with the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan announced his second retirement in 1998. Though the second one lasted longer than his first retiral which pushed him back into the game. When MJ left the Wizards, Gilbert Arenas got Jordan’s locker room. How did Arenas benefit from it? 

The rise and fall of Gilbert Arenas in the NBA is a story worth knowing. He signed with the Wizards in 2003, shortly after Michael Jordan retired from the league. An injury-plagued career didn’t let him enjoy the success he deserved. 

When Arenas stepped into the Wizards’ locker room, he picked his favorite locker, which was obviously the one MJ used. Before opening the locker, little did Arenas know about the surprise that was awaiting him. 

Michael Jordan left behind his orthotics, which Arenas used for many years

In a recent chat with Fubo Sports, Arenas explained how he enjoyed using MJ’s locker and how it helped him during the early years of his career. “When his [Michael Jordan’s] time was up, you know the owner and MJ didn’t agree to the terms. MJ left, which means he left all his stuff,”

Arenas mentioned. 

Now, which rising player wouldn’t want to make use of MJ’s stuff? Gilbert Arenas was no different and in fact, he was the lucky one who got that opportunity. The 38-year-old explained how he was welcomed by a collection of MJ’s items when he first opened the six-time champ’s locker. 

“So when I came that summer and I signed with the Wizards, you know I picked my locker it was MJ’s Locker. When I opened it you know you got all MJ’s stuff so I’m sitting here like is this MJ, MJ?… So I have his undershorts, all his stuff — his orthotics, I actually played in his orthotics in my career. Yeah, so his orthotics, MJ’s orthotics, I put in my shoes,” Arenas said. 

The question of comfort has to come in here. How could MJ’s orthotics fit Arenas? Even if they were the same size, how comfortable did he feel in them? Arenas said, “Yeah because he was I think he was a 14, and it was like a 14 on one side and like 13 and a half so he just trimmed it you know the trim to 14 for 13. And yeah, it was MJ so I had the power of energy in me.”

As Arenas said, MJ’s orthotics helped Arenas perform in the league; MJ’s energy propelled him to earn a name for himself!  


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