‘Fortnite’ will host a Halloween ‘cross reality’ concert for singer J Balvin

'Fortnite' will host a Halloween ‘cross reality’ concert for singer J Balvin

Epic Games has teamed up with Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin for Fortnite’s next big event: A Halloween concert that Epic says would combine an artist’s performance and its XR technology (cross reality) technology for the first time. The singer’s “Afterlife Party” will take place on the Main Stage, the real-life soundstage Epic built in Los Angeles and debuted in early September, signaling the the company’s deepening commitment to in-game events. And yes, you can attend it in Party Royale mode on October 31st, 9PM ET.

The developer has been making a push for live concerts and other events in Fortnite over the past few months, ever since people had to stay at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Travis Scott went on an in-game concert tour back in April, resulting in over 12.3 million players logging in at once to experience his first show. Shortly after that, Epic launched the game’s Party Royale mode, where you can leave your weapons behind and just hang out with friends. Diplo performed at the mode’s preview event, while Steve Aoki and deadmau5 performed at its official launch.

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