Fortnite’s Travis Scott Concert shatters Records with Over 12.3M Concurrent Players

Epic Games collaborated with rapper Travis Scott to perform a virtual concert and according to the reported numbers, the whole event was a huge success.

Premiering yesterday, Travis Scott’s Astronomical concert was a visual spectacle as a brand new song made its debut. The whole concert was a big hit as Epic Games has announced that the concert brought together over 12.3 concurrent players.

Although this wasn’t the first time Epic Games put together a virtual concert, Travis Scott’s Astronomical was certainly something special due to the current situation with the coronavirus. The event brought a slew of new content to the game including brand new skins alongside other cosmetic items to coincide with the concert.

If you missed out on the event and would like to experience it, the concert will be having a couple more shows so be sure to check out Epic Game’s live schedule to partake in the event.

In related news, Fortnite’s Season 2 Chapter 2 has been delayed to a later date due to the current pandemic and how it affects work schedules. The good news is, players have more time to complete challenges for the current season.

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