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FTC sues for allegedly luring users to signup for paid subscriptions   

Evan Lewis


on might have connected non-paying consumers to fake accounts just for getting them to subscribe, as per the fed regulators. On Wednesday, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) sued Match Group alleging that the firm connected users with bogus accounts in an attempt to get them signup for paid subscriptions.

As per the complaint, Match Group knowingly used unfair practices to entice consumers to subscribe to the dating website. The suit details out how the subscribers were sent messages by bogus accounts. The firm then allegedly lured consumers into believing that the messages were from actual people to encourage them into buying subscriptions.

The FTC claims that thousands of new consumers signed up for paid subscriptions after getting messages from fraudulent accounts. Moreover, the FTC further alleged that the firm made it difficult for the consumers to withdraw their subscriptions later.

This complaint comes in just weeks after the firm launched a promotive campaign focused on’s battle against fake profiles. In the video ad, the firm positions as a trustworthy website than other online dating sites.

Match Group, in a statement, refused the allegations imposed by the FTC and called them entirely ‘meritless.’ The firm said that these accusations are backed by misleading figures and that the agency is overstating the impact of fake accounts. It further said that the majority of the scams cited by FTC were bots, spam or other visitors on the website.

Headquartered in Dallas, Match Group also owns OkCupid, Tinder and other dating websites in addition to It is currently the biggest online dating firm, which controls around 25 percent of the dating market online, as per FTC. The share price of Match Group dropped by around 7 percent following the news of the FTC’s lawsuit. However, they have rebounded now to a downfall of around 2 percent.

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Weekend Updates: Stadia App, Google Pixel Update, Google Camera Update

Evan Lewis



Google Pixel update
Image Credit: Flickr

Here are some top stories of the week! The official Stadia app has started streaming on the play store. The Google Pixel has received its final update, Google Camera’s 7.2 is out for older pixel photos. Moreover, the astrophotography mode for Google Camera is also out this week.

Official Launch of Stadia App :

On Thursday, Google has uploaded the streaming service of the Stadia app on Play Store. However, right now you cannot play the game without getting an invite code. This invite code will be sent by Stadia Founders Edition, Premier Edition, or Buddy Pass.

The play store has revealed about the app’s UI. The home page of the play store will display the “Stadia Game” with a large play button. After the release, the Stadia team found impressive tidbits about Stadia as a service.

Google Pixel Final Update:

On Monday, November 2019, Google Pixel has received its final update. The update released the security patch to most pixel phones excluding Google Pixel and Pixel XL. However, there will be one final software update for Google Pixel and Pixel XL. This software update will be released in the month of December. Further, there will be no more updates for the Pixel phones.

Google Camera App Update:

Here is an update for the Google Camera app is released. On the updated version of the camera, major changes are in the UI rather than the camera.

You will get the Astrophotography mode for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a. In Pixel 4, you will be able to click amazing shots of the pitch-black sky. The astrophotography mode takes long-exposure photos, that is capable of capturing the “light trail” effect of a passing vehicle.

Google Camera 7.2 is also available on the play store with the Android 10 requirement.

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German DJ Zedd banned from China after liking a ‘South Park’ Twitter post

Evan Lewis



German DJ Zedd banned from China

Zedd, an international high-profile music producer, and DJ claimed that he has was banned permanently from China over liking a Twitter post of adult animated sitcom ‘South Park.’

Zedd tweeted and shared the sad news on Thursday.

Adam Guest, Zedd’s senior publicist, confirmed the ban claim to CNBC on Saturday however refused to comment anything further. It’s not clear currently if this means that the German musician now has a ban on his trips to China. Zedd’s songs were yet available to stream on QQ Music, Chinese freemium music streaming service as of Saturday morning.

The tweet which landed Zedd into trouble was posted by ‘South Park’ celebrating the show’s 300th episode. The rift between the sitcom’s creators and Beijing started the previous Wednesday after they aired one episode called Band in China.

In that episode, character Randy attempts to sell cannabis to China and ends up in a workcamp. Randy encounters another political prisoner, Winnie The Pooh at the workcamp who made physical differentiations to Xi Jinping, Chinese President.

Meanwhile, the other characters of the show, Jimmy, Stan, Butters, and Kenny created a new metal band. This grabbed the attention of one Hollywood manager that always wanted to make a film about them. However, he modified the film’s script constantly for it to get distributed across China.

The episode stirred controversy and rage from Beijing as it poked fun at China’s strict censorship regulations. Beijing, in turn, responded by censoring ‘South Park’ content on its internet search engines such as Baidu. Besides, the Chinese government also axed the show’s clips and episodes from video streaming services like Youku.

The controversy went on after Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of the show issued their ‘apology’ to China on Monday.

Zedd made an announcement about his ban from China just days after.

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Industrial Water Treatment Service to Soften Hard Water

Evan Lewis



Industrial Water Treatment

Water Treatment Service is a water softener treatment for hard water areas. The treatment service has Expert engineering support which includes the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of industrial systems. This industrial system is for small, mid-sized and large scale applications.

The treatments use the latest high-performance ion exchange technology, components, and electronic controllers. It is all used to reduce scale from hard water, maintain water quality to predetermined parameters. It improves operational efficiencies; reduces costs and extends equipment life.

Benefits to Customers from Commercial Water Softeners

Here are the benefits which the customers who are taking the service would get:

  • Improved system Performance
  • Extended equipment life
  • Reduced Maintenance costs & improved reliability
  • Elimination of scale formation and the need for regular de-scaling

Uses of Water Softeners

  • Increased Energy Consumption & Reduced Performance

A water softener reduces plant performance and leads to an increase in energy costs. As it accumulates the internal heat transfer surface and acts as an excellent insulator.

  • Maintained Costs & Reduced Equipment:

With the use of water softeners, the internal surface becomes constricted the reliability and life expectancy of equipment.

  • To Prevent Equipment Damage:

If the hard water left untreated, it would cause the heat transfer on the internal surface of pipework,  and boiler tubes. It would certainly cause equipment damage.

Where Can You Use Industrial Water Softeners

Industrial water softeners can be used anywhere where there is a medium to hard water exists.  It refers to the condition where the local water supply contains a higher concentration of calcium and magnesium salts. This hard water condition cause scaling of industrial and process equipment including:


Contact Water Treatment Services

You can contact 03302233131to learn about water treatment, water softeners and to solve water quality issues. The experts will provide the industrial water engineering solutions, reduce costs and build operational efficiencies.

The water treatment service covers almost the whole of the UK. They have offices in  London including South and South East England, Manchester (North West). The offices are also available in  Birmingham (Midlands), Bristol (South East England and Wales), Leeds (North and North East) and Glasgow (Scotland).

All these office locations of water treatment services are supported by regional teams. These teams include specially trained engineers, site service specialists, and technical experts. The service also offers professional, cost-effective water softeners, expert water treatment, and engineering support services.

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