Goats spotted outside barbershop during coronavirus lockdown

Everybody needs a haircut during the coronavirus lockdown – even goats.

A photographer in Wales took hilarious photos of four goats that appeared to line up outside a closed barbershop, British news agency SWNS reports.

Brian Lane took the photos of the four furry mammals outside Just Jents in Llandudno, Wales, during one of his evening walks, Tuesday night.

“I had parked up to go for a little walk,” Lane, 58, told the news outlet. “It was tipping down the rain when I saw these goats under the shelter by the hairdressers.”

“The one sitting in the front waiting to go in and the other three spaced out behind,” Lane added. “I take lots of pictures, to be honest, but this just seemed like a really fitting moment.”

Wales, like other parts of the UK has been impacted severely by the coronavirus pandemic, something Lane is keenly aware of. “I’m aware of the difficulties we’re having as a tourist town,” he explained. “Businesses have not been able to open and the frustration of that and it just seemed to fit that moment.”

The UK has been one of the most impacted countries by the pandemic, with more than 288,000 reported cases of COVID-19, resulting in over 44,600 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

Amusing as the images may be, the Kashmiri goats, which were given to the country by Queen Victoria as a gift, will have to wait until July 13 to get a haircut, along with the rest of the population.

This is not the first time goats and other wild animals have been spotted on the streets of Europe during the pandemic.

In April, pictures taken by photographers around the world showed all types of mammals, including deer, goats and others, roaming through the streets and communities, unabated.