Golden State Warriors Relieved They Don’t Have To Compete In Orlando: Reports

Jun 13, 2020
Golden State Warriors Relieved They Don't Have To Compete In Orlando: Reports

The NBA recently announced its return date with a revised regular-season resumption. As a result, eight teams out of the thirty missed the cut. The Golden State Warriors are one among the two teams from the West who will not be going to Orlando, where the season is set to resume. While one could expect the team and the management to be extremely agonized bearing the fact they will not be playing in the NBA finals for the first time in six years, a recent report might suggest that they might be “ecstatic” about it.

Ethan Strauss who earlier released his book about the inside and out of the Warriors’ dynasty, recently wrote a piece on The Athletic, reflecting on the camp’s mindset following the league’s official announcement.

“Talking to Warriors officials, they’re ecstatic about skipping Orlando and not just because they’re avoiding an increasingly complex negotiation process,” he wrote. “They know that skipping Florida means more time to focus and figure out a way forward. The trick is getting started.”

The Warriors have decided to focus on a long-term idea. They get to sharpen their team without having the pressure of this year’s championship. They stand last at the Western Conference table, holding a 15-50 record. This is the fewest games the team has managed to win, ever. This largely falls based on the fact that Steph Curry and his ‘Splash Brother’

Klay Thompson have remained injured for most of the season.

Golden State Warriors resume workouts at their training facility

Protocol followed trainings have begun at the facilities in Chase Center. The Golden State Warriors posted videos of their players working out at their training facility. However, to engage in workouts the athletes have to follow certain rules.

An unnamed Golden State Warriors coach explained the situation to Strauss. “We can only work one-on-one with players right now. I can’t guard him, catch the kick-out pass and rebound all at the same time. It will be a lot more effective when the rules are relaxed to let us do more.”

As they aim to improve for the next season, the team has gained a generous tax exception from Andre Iguodala’s trade last summer. The Warriors will certainly look to bounce back next year. This season has definitely been a wake-up call to a mighty dynasty.

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