Google adds Nest Secure to its list of discontinued projects

Google adds Nest Secure to its list of discontinued projects

Google will no longer manufacture and sell the Nest Secure alarm system it launched back in 2017. The tech giant has confirmed that it has discontinued the system to Android Police shortly after the Google Store product page for the Nest Guard was marked with a notice that says it’s “No longer available.” Google announced the alarm system comprised of the Guard security base with a keypad, the Detect motion sensor and the Tag key fob along with other security products a few years ago. But unlike most other Nest devices, it never got a refresh.

The Guard base itself — the source of the alarm — has motion sensor capabilities and an NFC reader, so you can tap the Tag key fob on it to disable your security system. It can also communicate with any Detect motion sensor you place around your house over WiFi. Google used to sell a Starter pack bundle with a Nest Guard, two Nest Detects and two Nest Tags for $499. Additional Detects were $59 each, while additional Tags were $25.

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