Google is getting rid of Android Auto’s smartphone UI-here’s why

Android Auto is an app developed by Google for the use of a driver. As soon as this app gets connected within a car, it soon starts showing all the apps required while driving. The apps include Google Maps, music apps, phone dialler, text messages, and web search.

Unfortunately for users, all these modifications are of use to a driver only. When a user is trying to make, the app work even by placing the phone straight then the screen is fading off.

Google Android Auto

Why Google thinks of getting rid of Android Auto’s smartphone UI?

Google wants to get rid of the Android Auto app so that it can introduce a separate and improvised app for its users.

The app which you have for your smartphone has a unique design for the driver’s assistance. Its technology demands that the phone must stay in a horizontal position fixed on the car’s dashboard.

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A smartphone, on the other hand, can remain perched upon in a vertical and a straight position. The new and modified app is phone friendly so that users do not face any troubles.

The best part about this is it won’t make use of any additional software. If you are having the upgraded version of Android Auto, then you are good to go.

Google Assistant driving mode is the new name of the user-friendly app for drivers. To start using the app, you will require saying, “let’s drive.” You can also search for the app.

“Lets drive” helps you open Google Maps as well as Driving Mode at the same time. Large icons would appear on the screen for the driver.

The driver might want to resume music after a certain point in time. The display consists of such symbols. If an incoming call comes in, then the Assistant will ask you if you want to take the call or not.