Google is modifying the Chrome tab context menu by removing some features

Google is modifying the Chrome tab context menu by removing some features
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Though all of us want the software we use to remain usable and clean, we also like it to remain up-to-date and feature-rich. This is probably the reason why developers use every possible resource when releasing software, a case which is certainly applicable to Google’s Chrome browser. The browser comes packed with functionality and features.

However, when you use the browser regularly, there’s a slight chance that you may have never witnessed most of what Google Chrome is actually capable of. And, this is why Google finally is removing some of the features instead of inserting new ones.

Options/features currently available:

If you are currently using Chrome version 76, right-clicking on an open tab in the browser displays 10 or so options in the tab context menu. The options include pin a tab, new tab, close other tabs, bookmark all tabs, duplicate a tab among others. How many options out of these are you using on a daily basis? Well, certainly not all.

The modifications:

Google is modifying the Chrome tab context menu by removing some features
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In one of the threads at, the developers of Chrome started talking about deleting a few of these options from the context menu in 2015. And now, as per a TechDows report, many options now have been trimmed in Chrome version 78, which currently is under trial in the latest Google Chrome Canary build. The options new tab, reopen a closed tab, bookmark all tabs, close other tabs are being removed from the context menu.

Google considered the usage data that developers updated in the thread before it began modifying or removing things.

The modifications to the context menu aren’t a sure deal yet and it’s possible that the company may restore a few options to the menu before these changes land in the Stable version. However, the planned changes will impact those who are using these options regularly and affect the user experience.

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