Google is replacing voice search with Google Assistant on Android devices

With each passing day’s Google innovates and brings in advancements in its technology. Google is an American multinational company which is a leading technology firm. It ranks fourth in the field of technology.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin who are the founders of the tech giant has set up the firm in Menlo Park, California, USA.

The company is operating all around the globe for the past 20 years now. No doubt, the company has a vast number of investors.

Google is famous for its search engine without which the world cannot operate. In other words, if you need a solution regarding something, then Google is the one to help you out.

Other products of the company include Google docs, Google Sheets, Google Photos, Google email, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play, and many others.

People require these services in their day to day activities for the accomplishment of their task correctly. As per sources

, Google is trying to replace its voice search with Google Assistant on Android devices.

Google is replacing voice search with Google Assistant on Android devices
Image: Flickr

How will the new changes impact the website owners?

Previously a user required to utter “Hey Google” with all the search results displayed on the screen. Now an Android user needs saying, “Ask your Assistant.” Sources say that this facility won’t be available to all Android users for the time.

Only a minimal number of websites will receive direct traffic. It is because Google Assistant is providing specific answers to the users.

Users will receive a specific solution that they are looking for. They won’t require searching for the perfect answer.

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At the same time, a user cannot receive specific answers for all its queries. A tiny percentage of websites will gain from this feature.

Website owners do not receive the voice search data, which makes it next to impossible to predict the situation.