Greg Zipadelli Gives a Hilarious Reason for Missing Briscoe’s ‘Fence Climbing’ Celebration After Winning the NASCAR Xfinity Race

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Yesterday, Chase Briscoe won the NASCAR Xfinity race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. After his maiden Indy win, he celebrated by climbing the fence with his crewmates and kissed the bricks afterward.

Notably, Stewart-Haas racing’s competition director and Chase’s interim crew chief Greg Zipadelli wasn’t present during the celebration. After the race, Greg talked to Bob Pockrass of Fox NASCAR.

In the interview, he gave a hilarious response to the question of why he wasn’t on the ‘catch fence’ with Chase Briscoe and the crew. He said, “I would have. Bob, I’m too old to run down to the finish line anymore. I walked down and they were coming back down when I got there. I’ve done it before though. I am glad I could be a small part of the experience.”

Additionally, he said that Chase was very pumped up to win at Indianapolis as a lot of his idol like team owner Tony Stewart won races here. He said, “It was a really cool win that’s the first thing Chase said, He (Chase) was pretty pumped up coming here, being from Indiana, and a lot of his heroes races here and grew up around here.”

Briscoe emulates Tony Stewart’s Celebrated after his NASCAR Xfinity win

Stewart-Haas Racing’s Xfinity driver Chase Briscoe celebrated his Indianapolis road course win in the style of Tony Stewart. In the past, NASCAR legend and Stewart-Haas Racing team co-owner Tony Stewart has won at the esteemed venue. Tony climbed the fences to celebrate his win and Chase emulated his role model after taking his maiden Indy win.

Additionally, Tony tweeted to congratulate Chase on his win.

After winning the NASCAR Xfinity race, Briscoe was speaking to ESPN. He said, “I just can’t believe I won at Indianapolis. It’s still not as prestigious as winning on the oval, but to be the first to do something here, it’s still special especially when you grow up less than an hour away from here.”

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