Gwyneth Paltrow Goop’s Selling Candles Scented Like A Vagina

Gwyneth Paltrow started selling a vagina scented candle in her online Goop store. Here the 47 years old actress has found another way to shock the world. It will certainly demand your attention. 

Gwyneth named the candle as This Smells Like My Vagina. It started selling last week. The fragrance of the candle is packed with geranium, citrus bergamot and cedar. Customers are buying it at a cost of $75. Now the candle is sold on both Goop’s and Heretic’s websites.

It is already sold out in a hurry. Further customers can sign up for a waitlist for when it comes back in stock.

It was all started as a joke!!

Originally the idea for the candle was started out as a joke made by Heretic. It was mentioned in the product description that the product started as a joke. The joke was between perfumer Douglas Little and GP.  They both were working on a fragrance, and Gwyneth blurted out,…this smells like a vagina. That evolved into a gorgeous, funny, sexy, and beautifully unexpected scent. 

Goop’s last year’s gift guide

Last year Goop made a headline over a holiday gift guide. The guide included $43,000 earrings and a BDSM kit. Goop named it as the ridiculous by an awesome gift guide. The BDSM kit was the best thing in the bunch. There were some other items also like handmade, animal cruelty-free moisture bar shaped like an egg for $65.