Hannah Brown Sex Confession: Hannah had Sex with Peter Weber 4 times

Hannah Brown“The Bachelorette” famous actress has publically confessed about having sex with Peter Weber on Monday night finale. Hannah revealed that She and Peter had sex not only once, not twice but yes “FOUR TIMES” in a windmill.

She added that peter is a great guy and a wonderful person. Listening out this, Hannah’s and Peters parents stood up and proudly clapped for their children.

All the remaining audience were also cheering and applauding over crispy revelation. Out of them, Harrison pointed out towards peters mom and dad.

All the cameras focused Peter’s mom and then she gave a look with a huge smile on her face showing two thumbs up towards his son.

While responding to Hannah’s confession, Weber replied that it was a bit shocking for him that Hannah has finally come out forward and said it.

Hannah Brown confession about sex to Luke Parker

Previously, Hannah brown revealed to Luke parker that she had sex with Peter weber in the windmill but only twice. But now she admitted that it was dishonesty as she had sex with weber not only once, not twice but “FOUR TIMES” in one day.

Hannah learns a lot from “Toxic Relationship”

Is Hannah brown just called her relationship with Luke Parker “A Toxic Relationship”? yes, yes, yes Brown just said that she had learned a lot from a toxic relationship with Luke Parker.

Peter Weber’s choked his tears back while confessing love for Hannah

During an emotional confession, Peter weber said that Hannah will always be an unforgettable part of his life. The two months with Hannah was a great time of his life.

He accepted that he fell in love with Hannah. And it will be difficult for him to heal.

At the end with a hopeful voice, Weber added that “Time heals every wound”. But for once he wants to meet Hannah face to face and give a right way to this ending.