“Hard For Me To Play Meaningless Games”: Steph Curry Reveals His Thoughts on NBA’s Second Bubble

"Hard For Me To Play Meaningless Games": Steph Curry Reveals His Thoughts on NBA's Second Bubble

As the NBA is nearing its 22 team restart in Orlando, there have been other talks going on as well. ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan reported that the league is seriously considering hosting a second bubble and Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry thinks it would be meaningless. 

The second bubble is reported to be hosted in the windy city of Chicago. While 22 teams would battle it out for the championship in Orlando, eight other teams would miss out on the action. There would be a long gap for these teams when they come back to playing competitive basketball the next season. 

Thus, to reduce the huge gap in between, the league seems to be working on a second bubble. But, not every team has favored it. It is clear that these eight teams are out of title contention and thus they feel there would be no point in competing against each other. 

Steph Curry is on the fence about the second bubble

The three-time champion is a competitor in the ongoing American Century Golf Tournament. Steph Curry recently connected on ESPN’s SportsCenter where he explained his views about the NBA organizing a second bubble. 

“At the end of the day, it would be hard for me to play meaningless games, and that’s pretty obvious,” Steph said. “But in terms of young guys trying to get as much basketball to break up, for the bottom eight teams, this potential eight-, nine-month layoff, I think it’s a good effort. Obviously safety first, that’s what everything is about. So if they can answer those questions, then we’ll see what happens.”

While Steph Curry thinks it is unimportant for a player of his caliber to compete in a non-beneficial bubble, there is also some positive aspect to it. There are rookies and young talents who have missed a lot of exposure due to the unplanned hiatus. 

Steve Kerr also expressed his say on the second bubble in the ‘Hoops, Adjacent’ podcast, presented by The Athletic. Kerr admitted that it would indeed be a developmental opportunity for the team to explore their talents. In the absence of their stalwarts this season, many youngsters got the chance to suit up and carry the responsibility for the Warriors. 

If the second bubble plan works out, teams like the Warriors can benefit from it. Above all, Steve Kerr knows that the league holds the final say on the matter. “We’re going to do whatever the league asks us to do. If that means going to Chicago for a bubble, then we’ll do it.,” Kerr said.

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