Here’s Why the Mercedes F1 Safety and Medical Car Are Red in Color for 2021

Here's Why the Mercedes F1 Safety and Medical Car Are Red in Color for 2021

The 2021 season saw livery updates for several vehicles, including a redesign of the Mercedes safety car. It will offer new colors for the coming year, leaving the silver color behind in place of bright red.

Since 1996, the German manufacturer has been providing safety cars to F1. However, this is not the first time that the car has brought the red color to the circuit. During the Grand Prix of Tuscany, Ferrari celebrated its 70th F1 Grand Prix, hence it dawned the red colors on that race weekend.

The AMR GT R, the safety car, and the medical car, the C 63 S Estate, will have bright red paint for the forthcoming Formula One season. These cars will appear for the opening round in Bahrain.

The reason for Mercedes to switch colors for 2021

Mercedes has gone red for the forthcoming championship because of the Rote Sau race car that resembles the same colors. This was done by the German manufacturer in order to recall their racing history and to be proud of bringing it to F1.

Not only the team have gotten new colors but also bring a new sponsor to the grid. The car will have CrowdStrike as their sponsor for the 2021 season, it will feature on the safety car as well as the medical car.

Aston Martin joins the club to help make F1 safer

It’s just not the Mercedes around the track this year, Aston Martin has joined the grid as well. These two will work together and ensuring that the race goes smoothly and provide assistance if things take a wrong turn.

It will be an exciting time for F1 as they see these two amazing looks cars go around the track. However, their goal remains the same despite having a new color, they will ensure to put safety as a priority.

The fans will be excited not just by seeing the F1 cars in their new colors, but also the new safety cars. The first time we will get to see them zipping around the circuit will be for the opening race in Bahrain.

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