Hot summers have not started – who is contributing to protecting the environment?

After quite some time of living on this Earth and contributing a lot to destruction and harming the planet and our environment and nature, people have finally agreed on the importance of maintaining a healthy environment and that we need to take care of the Earth. Otherwise, at some time we will be witnessing disastrous natural catastrophes and a lot of people will be hurt.

Many NGOs and organizations have been created during the past decades, which are aiming at creating a safe environment and taking care of nature with their efforts and try to make the Earth a better place. Thousands and millions of people all over the world have joined those campaigns and promote eco-friendly materials as well as eco-friendly approaches to daily life hacks.

Many companies have also started producing eco-friendly items, vehicles and have banned the usage of plastic and other harmful materials, which are simply non-dissolvable. Many companies have also stopped using nonrenewable natural resources and have switched to renewable ones. Solar energy and wind power are used a lot now. Solar panels are used for charging instead of the elements, and batteries which are extremely hazardous.

Some of the NGOs and campaigns are also focused to promote the reusing of daily used materials, such as wood and paper. Many individual bloggers and vloggers have been working on these projects and publishing different videos and life hacks, which show how to reuse the toilet paper or spoon or paper cups, and many more. This way we can all create less harm to the earth and contribute to a healthier environment.

Who’s turn it is?

The global pandemic has contributed a lot to the massive usage of plastics. The face masks and gloves, as well as different protective items and hand sanitizers, are all made up of plastics, which is why the usage of plastic has increased a lot. For personal safety and in order to avoid pandemic and the massive spread we had to use some items which are definitely far from being environmentally friendly.

Thus, now when the pandemic wave has more or less calmed down and people are getting back to the ordinary lives, it is time to get back to the eco-friendly lifestyle and at least get back to the point where we used to be. The massive usage of plastic during the pandemic was definitely very harmful, though it does not mean that it is over and people will finish using gloves, face masks, and the rest of them.

It is the turn of the NGOs and different companies to raise awareness about the caused harm and to continue fighting for the better ecology and future of the earth. There are already some slogans waving up in the air and definitely some online events which are focused on raising awareness and how to improve the current situation.

The pandemic though has definitely contributed to some of the ecological improvements. Air transportation is banned for some time. In many countries and cities, transportation via vehicles was also banned or at least limited. This has definitely improved the quality of the air and the condition of the water. Thus, many animals and birds have come back to their historical livelihoods and breathing simply became way more pleasant.

While this is obviously very good, it does not mean that changes are not needed. Summer has come, and most probably the summers will be very hot. People will start going outside gathering, going for holidays, maybe not internationally but at least locally, thus it is very important to finish the summer season in an eco-friendly manner.

Who is in charge?

Many NGOs have already started implementing certain campaigns and promoting them via social media channels. This is indeed a very big deal. People should be able to contribute to the improvements and the faster we start the quicker shall we receive the results. The results will not be instant, yet they shall be very efficient.

The campaigns include promoting eco-friendliness and the measures each and every one of us can take in order to assist the protection of the environment. Obviously the very first suggestion and the recommendation is the usage of the public transport of the eco-friendly cars. Though, during the pandemic, it is very hard to use public transport especially when we all have to comply with certain safety measures.

How can we contribute?

Thus, many people have been using bicycles during the past time. Thus, the prices for bicycles and the roads for them have been lowered and improved a lot. This is one of the best ways of transportation, especially while not that many cars are driving through and the roads are more or less empty.

Another great way of promotion of nature and eco-friendliness is by using different sources and channels for that. The common methods are obvious social media, posters, and even games. This is the new tendency which has already gained a lot of popularity. Different games, both for the kids and adults have been released which are mainly aiming at creating a better impression on the eco-friendly environment.

The games such as outdoor, mobile phone games, online, and slot games are especially popular in eco-friendly theme terms. Many online casino game developers have been working on online slot games, with the main theme of nature. This way, the players are always playing the games with the background of nature or different wild animals or plants. It is known that the subconscious mind is also very important in leaving the footprints.

What is way more important is that people do not have to go outside to distant places very often anymore. Meaning that this can decrease the level of carbon dioxide in the air and thus it can be less harmful. While most of the venues and gathering spots have been closed, including casinos, bars, and cafes, people have switched to the online industry. Partying in Zoom has become the new tendency and blackjack games online have become one of the main entertainment measures.

The responsibilities

Many NGOs and companies are trying to facilitate the online projects and remote projects, in order to attract more people and for them to contribute at least somehow is improving the overall situation. While everyone is fighting for safety and security, life is still going on and the safety of nature and shall still be somewhere on the top shelves. One way or another, we all matter, and the Earth, which has given us the opportunity to matter at all, shall receive our attention.