How much will No. 2 overall pick earn at New York Jets?

Zach Wilson entered Thursday as the only first-round pick yet to sign his rookie contract. Wilson wanted the same offer the Jets gave former quarterback Sam Darnold.

Darnold’s rookie contract handed him his signing bonus within 15 days of his John Hancock. The Jets have only now made that possible for Wilson, and both sides agreed to terms on Thursday.

How much did the New York Jets sign Zach Wilson for?

New York Jets QB Zach Wilson
New York Jets QB Zach Wilson

Adam Schefter reported that the New York Jets and Zach Wilson agreed to terms on a contract this week. Wilson has signed a four-year contract worth $35.1 million that includes a signing bonus of $22.9 million. Wilson will receive the signing bonus in 15 days.

Wilson hopped on the red-eye from Los Angeles last night and arrived in New Jersey. He’s ready to start practicing, which is a relief for the Jets fan base. The New York Jets will get their offset language in the deal, which means the Jets can recoup money if Wilson is cut before his contract is up and he signs with another team.

What head coach Robert Saleh had to say about Wilson missing the first day of training camp

New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh
New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh

When the New York Jets entered training camp, they were missing one crucial piece: Zach Wilson. The rookie quarterback was the only Jets player to miss training camp.

Newly hired head coach Robert Saleh made a statement to reporters about Zach Wilsons’ absence at the time.

“From a rookie standpoint, you need as many reps as you can. Veterans always get off days here and there anyway, so they do miss. But it’s something he’ll have to navigate through. I’ve got a lot of faith in Zach, too. He is knowledgeable. He’s got a tremendous drive, so when he does get here, I know somehow, someway he’ll make up for it.”

The New York Jets opened training camp with Mike White and James Morgan as their backups. They’ve reported interest in signing a veteran quarterback to add depth and experience.

Now that the Jets-Wilson contract dispute is over, it’s still a good option for the Jets to find a veteran. Blake Bortles is one name that reporters have mentioned. That, though, doesn’t change the fact that Wilson is their guy and will lead the Jets into the future.