How to defeat Ryme (Montenevera Gym)

After scaling a dangerous mountain in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the Ghost-type gym, led by Gym Leader Ryme waits for you. Besides having incredible rapping skills, Ryme has a powerful Ghost-type squad that will show no mercy to up-and-coming Pokemon trainers.

Although you have the option to, it’s not recommended that you go for this gym battle right away. Ryme’s team in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be in the 41-42 level range, so it’s safer to return to this gym later on in the game. While her squad is powerful, players can still overcome the power of Montenevera Gym’s Ghosts, if you simply come prepared.

How to overcome the Ghost-type master Ryme in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In order to prove yourself worthy of Ryme, you will have to beat a trio of trainers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. They are a set of double battles, with Pokemon at level 40. Interestingly, you will have an audience and their cheering may occasionally raise your stats, which can be useful at times.

  • Greavard (Level 40 Ghost) and Shuppet (Level 40 Ghost)
  • Misdreavus (Level 40 Ghost) and Haunter (Level 40 Ghost/Poison)
  • Drifblim (Level 40 Ghost/Flying) and Sableye (Level 40 Ghost)


After defeating them, you are now worthy of doing battle with Ryme herself in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In general, it’s rather interesting to see double battles be a focus of Gym Battles, especially since the Gym Leader challenges you to a pair of double battles as well.

  • Mimikyu: Level 41, Ghost/Fairy
  • Banette: Level 41, Ghost
  • Houndstone: Level 42, Ghost
  • Toxtricity: Level 42, Electric/Poison (Tera Type: Ghost)
  • Types to bring: Ghost, Dark
  • Types to avoid: Normal, Fighting, Psychic

For many players, this will certainly feel like a challenging gym. While Normal-types can’t hurt Ghosts and vice versa, the best option would be to bring Normal-type Pokemon that can use Ghost moves. This way, they avoid taking the brunt of the damage, while also being able to significantly damage Ryme’s team.

If you lack powerful Ghost-types, you’ll find plenty on the way to the gym itself, such as Greavard/Houndstone. While it can be dangerous to bring Ghost-types to a Ghost gym, if you’re going first, you have a solid chance of demolishing them before they do the same to you. So, instead of bringing Ghost/Dark-types, simply bring Pokemon that can use Ghost and Dark moves


Furthermore, as mentioned before, the crowd cheering mechanic is present for this Gym Battle, but they may also cheer for/buff Ryme.


Mimikyu will avoid the very first attack you send, so don’t use a powerful move at the start. Furthermore, this Pokemon boasts a strong moveset with attacks like Slash and Shadow Sneak. Additionally, it will be sent out along with Banette, which has the very annoying Sucker Punch. Like its partner, it also has Shadow Sneak. Fortunately, this team is fairly fragile, so you can swiftly deal heavy damage and move on.

Sadly, the new Houndstone is quite annoying in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If it goes first, it will use Phantom Force and become invisible. In this state, you will be unable to harm it until the Pokemon returns in the next round to attack you. Furthermore, this Dark-type can also use Play Rough. However, it will depend more on Phantom Force though, so bring a Pokemon with a strong Ghost-type move to one-shot it if possible.

Since it’s a double battle, Houndstone won’t be alone. Toxtricity is a Poison/Electric-type, that becomes a Ghost-type, at least when Terastallized. Be cautious of the Hyper Voice move as it will hit both party members. It can also use Discharge, which is also an AOE attack that can paralyze your Pokemon. This particular Pokemon makes this Gym Battle a genuine struggle. When Terastallized, it has Shadow Ball, one of the stronger Ghost-type moves.


The reward for defeating the Ghost-type Gym in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the Ghost Gym Badge as well as the powerful TM041 Shadow Ball. From here, after a little more leveling up, you’re likely going to be prepared to tackle Grusha, the Ice-type master in Glaseado Gym.

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