How to Design a Web Form Without Coding

Don’t know HTML or JavaScript but you want to create a web form that will increase business leads?

Designing web forms without coding may seem like a pipe dream. You want to tap into a marketing technique that can enhance conversions by 70% but have no endpoint experience.

This article explains why creating web forms no longer needs to be a complex nightmare.

Read on to learn about web form design. See how to collect essential customer information the easy way. Discover how to work with spam detection and input validation and make your forms work for you.

What Are Web Forms?

A web form lets your customers and clients interact with you by collecting essential information.

For example, a typical contact form asks for:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Products and services they are interested in
  • If they wish to subscribe to your mailing list

Submitting the form sends that data to your web site’s “backend” system. Special code collects the information and processes it. That may include adding the contact to a newsletter database or emailing them an automated reply.

Example Web Form Code

Below is a simple piece of HTML to collect a user’s name and email address:

<form action=”process.php” method=”POST”>

<input type=”text” name=”name”>

<input type=”email” name=”email”>

<button type=”submit”>Submit</button>


Don’t let the code scare you!

Notice that the tag <> brackets help to identify the form itself. Everything inside the <form…> and </form> tags relate to the form elements like the text box <input> for name and email.

You could copy and paste the code above into your website and it would work!

The problem is that the “process.php” code doesn’t exist, so the form does nothing. How then do you manage submissions?

Processing Web Forms Without Coding

Processing your forms happens on a special web address called an endpoint.

Endpoints check the data and ensure it includes all the required fields. The best services also filter spam and send autoresponders.

You can learn to program endpoints yourself but that can take years! Why not use a system that’s simple to set up and that integrates with any of your new or existing forms?

Headlessforms offers an easy endpoint solution that’s fully customizable.

Our service receives your data in real-time and processes it instantly. It validates the entries and removes spam bot submissions. Yet, Headlessforms offers much more.

Customize and Secure Your Forms

Headlessforms has a feature list that integrates with thousands of third-party platforms.

You can use conditional logic to manage each submission and forward data to the correct service. You can compile all of your new leads in one place through our powerful dashboard.

Our endpoints are fully customizable and secure your data at all times. You’ll receive instant notifications for new submissions and can download data to Excel.

Creating Web Forms the Easy Way

Web form creation and processing no longer need to be a complicated process.

By adding a custom endpoint, you can manage everything from one place. The system’s flexible so you can edit your forms at any time. That means you can finally keep track of all your forms in a managed way.

Headlessforms offers several competitive price points for all types of businesses and developers. Whether you have one form or one hundred, we can process data in the most effective way.

For full control over your forms, sign up on our website or contact us to answer your queries.