How to use your coronavirus stimulus check?

Stimulus checks are rolling out across the country, so what’s the best way to use them?

We spoke to the experts.

Most people will be getting $1,200. Married couples making under $150,000 get a check for $2.400.

Dependents will each get $500.

All of the stimulus check are tax-free.

For those who need the money, experts say use $100 dollars on something to lift you and your family’s spirits and put the rest toward essentials.

For those who are still working, save the money.

Put it into your retirement, or invest in low risk things like certificates of deposits.

“Knowing that you have an extra $1200 in the bank, I think most people feel extremely comfortable knowing it’s there,” explained John Mellon, an associate professor of business at Misericordia University.

“If you don’t want to use it to increase your emergency fund savings then rather than doing something frivolous with it, I would consider being generous with it and maybe making a gift to another person or family who could use it,” added Ralph Capristo, a partner and certified financial planner with Forthright Wealth Planning.

As far as stocks go, they say only invest if you already have savings. Otherwise, just start studying a few you’re interested in.

As for major bill payments, before you pay those off, see if your bank is offering some time interest free, so you can use that money for other things.

They also recommend taking out cash you you can save a little bit on gas payments or possibly on things like car repairs.

If you’re a non-filer, you can check and update your information by clicking here.

A tool will also be coming to track your stimulus check, but that has not yet launched.