Huawei launches new flagship smartphone lineup but without Google apps

Huawei launches new flagship smartphone lineup but without Google apps
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Huawei has launched its new flagship device lineup on Thursday sans Google-licensed apps like YouTube or Chrome due to US sanctions.

The Chinese phone maker’s Mate 30 series, which it launched in Munich, will run on an open-source variant of the Google’s Android OS. Huawei couldn’t license Google’s latest Android version because of the US imposing trading restrictions on the firm previously this year.

The new smartphones won’t have the Google Play Store, a major way through which users living outside of China access the Android apps.

Richard Yu, CEO, Huawei’s consumer business group told the media that users can still download the apps themselves from 3rd party websites.

Huawei is battling to protect itself after the US blocked its access to American technology and components in May this year.

Washington has temporarily issued exemptions which allow Huawei to run the software for its existing devices. However, these exemptions do not cover Huawei’s new products like the new Mate 30.

About Mate 30 smartphone series:

The Mate 30 lineup is new smartphone series that Huawei has launched since the announcement of the US trade ban. The new lineup includes a Mate 30 phone with a big 6.62-inch display and a Mate 30 Pro with a 6.53-inch display.

Both these phones are available in 4G as well as 5G options. Prices of Mate 30, as well as Mate 30 Pro, begin at $883 and $1,215 respectively.

Meanwhile, the price of 5G Mate 30 Pro variant is kept at $1,326. A few other main features of the Mate 30 smartphone include a dark mode, quad-core system and revere wireless battery charging support. Huawei is utilizing its own, restrained Android version in the two phones.

Huawei, the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, is famous for its phones in Asia and Europe. Most likely, the new smartphones will be going on sale in Europe by next month, said Yu.

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