Huawei Mate 30 will Launch without Google Apps and Services

Huawei next phone Mate 30 will be a launch without google apps and services. The rumored launch date of the smartphone will be on 18 September. According to the Reuters report, the White House banned US Companies from doing business with the Chinese telecommunication firm. Hence Huawei decided to launch its phones without Google apps and services.

Now all upcoming Huawei phones like delayed foldable MateX will launch without the same. Google confirmed to The Verge – all upcoming Huawei phones will not ship the google apps and services. Google also said this could put the Huawei at a severe disadvantage knowing how important Google apps are.

Will No Google Service affect the sale of Huawei Smartphones?

According to an Independent analyst Richard Windsor,” No one will purchase the device without google services.” As the google software normally comes pre-loaded on Android devices. Similarly, last month Huawei announced its mobile operating system.

In Europe, Huawei smartphones are into the top ranks of the global smartphone business with highly regarded hardware. According to the counterpoint research, According to Huawei market share sliding to 19.3% in the second quarter from 24.9% in first.

The senior vice-president and board director told the media that ” Huawei Smartphones will still be based on Android.” He added, ” we want to maintain one ecosystem, one standard, and one technology.”

The google app and services are a crucial part of the android as an operating system. Now Huawei is working on its play store alternative since 2018.

Apart from this, the Honor20 pro did go on sale after the ban was certified by google. Huawei is launching its hardware for smartphones. So, Huawei is confident that smartphones with new hardware will be compliant with U.S. law.