“I Think We Do Deserve More” – Darren Till Weighs in on Fighter Pay

Jul 5, 2020
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Former UFC title challenger Darren “The Gorilla” Till weighed in on the fighter pay issue. Unlike other athletes, Till had a unique take on the situation.

Ever since the UFC declined Jon Jones’ request for a pay bump, many fighters have complained about the low fighter pay in the UFC. These include Jorge Masvidal, Paige VanZant, etc. While some athletes have been trashing the company and its president, Darren Till has maintained a pleasant relationship with Dana White.

“Couldn’t be any better…. really, really, good,” Till said when asked about his relationship with Dana White. “We speak often. I’ve trolled Dana White. He gets the joke. Fighter pay is like a big talk… Jon Jones, [Jorge] Masvidal, Henry Cejudo, and a few guys.”

Darren Till has his own way of dealing with disputes

Till then asserted that he is a straightforward person. The Scouser explained that he was unhappy with his contract but somehow solved the situation by talking to White.

“This is the funny thing right. MTK and my manager, I had a little problem after my last fight at MSG. 

“Cuz I was thinking to myself ‘Here’s me main-eventing all over the world. These arenas that I was main-eventing were selling out in seconds.’ So then I was the co-main event for MSG. That obviously means something.

“And that build-up. That build-up was huge. I mean the President of the United States… Just to sum it up. And I was the co-main event with [Kelvin] Gastelum. So I just wanted a fair piece of the pie and a fair share. So I’ve done a bit of grumbling after me fighting.”

Besides that, he stated that there are ways to deal with misunderstandings and contract disputes. He also said that fighters deserve more pay.

“I’m gonna have misunderstandings in the future. But I’m not one of those to come out and slate him. I think if I am being honest, we as fighters — UFC is the biggest growing sport in the world. There’s no comparison.

“I think we do deserve more. But there’re ways to go about it, obviously. But these are the fighters doing their way and I’m doing mine.”

After being on the sidelines for more than eight months, Till will return to the octagon to fight Robert Whittaker. The bout will take place at UFC’s Fight Island in Abu Dhabi.

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