“If I’m having issue with him past this? It’s something wrong with me”

Charles Barkley has a reputation for giving his opinion on issues without mincing words. Draymond Green and a good number of players have been on the receiving end of the NBA Hall of Famer’s hot takes.

In a recent interview, the Golden State Warriors power forward recalled the story that led to him changing his tune about Barkley

Green and Barkley went out for drinks at a nearby pub following an appearance on ‘NBA on TNT’ last season. Green noticed how friendly and respectful Barkley was to everyone in the establishment.

“We finish, we go out to the little pub that night we had drinks,” Green said. “He’s incredible. He walked in there in the pub. Everybody in there love him. He know everybody by first name. He walking through the studio, know everybody by first name. I’m like, ‘yo, this man is incredible.'”

The four-time NBA champion admitted that he gained a lot of respect and appreciation for Barkley. It had him questioning why he ever allowed Barkley to get under his skin in his first place.

“At this point, if I don’t like him past this, is something wrong with me, it’s no longer him,” Green said. “Like I had to check myself, like if I’m having issue with him past this? It’s something wrong with me…

I must be really insecure in those things in order for me to keep saying like, “I don’t like this dude.” Because he just showed me what type of person he is. So I immediately gained a huge, huge appreciation for him.”


Draymond Green reveals his reaction to meeting Charles Barkley

Draymond Green recalls his experience meeting Charles Barkley for the first time.
Draymond Green recalls his experience meeting Charles Barkley for the first time.

Dr aymond Green was offered a contract with TNT earlier this year as an analyst.

He can thank Barkley for that.

Draymond Green (@Money23Green) is joining Turner Sports in an exclusive, multi-year deal (yes, he’s still playing). Includes Inside the NBA appearance + other Turner platforms. How did this come about?Because of trash-talking Charles Barkley. STORY: theathletic.com/3097061/2022/0…

Draymond Green shared his experience on his first day with the ‘Inside the NBA’ crew. He credited Barkley for helping him feel at ease prior to his debut.

“I was pissed at Chuck, but I love Chuck. Listen, when I first went to do TNT, I’m thinking in my head,” Green said. “‘I’m walking on this stage and whatever he on, I’m on him.’ Like, I’m walking up here. I’m about to make him uncomfortable, and whatever it is.

“The moment I walked up on the stage, he got out his chair, ‘Draymond, what’s up, man? How you doing? Good to meet you. Welcome to the team, brother.’ I’m immediately like (shocked face), ‘thanks man. I appreciate it man.’ I sit down in my chair.

“So, Draymond, what’s up, man? How you doing? Like, what’s going on? Like, how long you here?” He broke me down so fast. Like at that point, that man get up and greet me like that and then as a show, go on. He like tossing me lobs like he know I have a certain opinion on something. So he’s like ‘Well, such such, such such huh Draymond?’ Then I can run with my opinion. Like tossing me lobs.”

Barkley made headlines this summer by saying he would leave “Inside The NBA’ if the LIV golf tour offered him a $60 million contract. Luckily nothing came about that.

The NBA season kicks off with a TNT doubleheader on October 18.