“I’m Not Booked For One Thing- CM Punk Takes A Dig At WWE

CM Punk has once again taken a shot at WWE. In his recent tweet, he particularly mocks them.

WWE recently released a poster of Brett Hart. The caption of the post labeled Hart as “The Best There Is. The Best There Was. The Best There Ever Will Be.” This was for sales purposes.

Replying to this, CM Punk joked on his twitter handle- “I’m not booked for one thing”. This definitely means that CM Punk is making a reference to his WWE days.

During his very popular stint at WWE, CM Punk m ade his “Best in the World” gimmick his own character trait. Holding the WWE championship for over a year, he cemented that status of his.

Now he jokes that if Bret “The Hitman” Hart was the best, then it would be saying that he himself didn’t exist.

Punk loves making his rounds on twitter. He is an entertainer on and off the screen. Once in a while, he targets WWE in a sentence or two.

As mentioned be fore, Punk had a very successful career at WWE. He was and still is undoubtedly a fan-favorite. After making it big and reaching the peak of his popularity, Punk was slowly moving away.

CM Punk always fancies a shot at WWE

He had a falling out with the agreements rendered to him by WWE and suddenly decided to quit, leaving a lot of fans in shock. He has made his mind up on never returning to WWE, and has made that clear time and again.

In this little tweet, we know that Punk has not changed one bit since leaving. WWE posted the picture of Hart to announce his appearance on Backstage this Tuesday.

Little did they know that Punk was waiting for an opportunity like this. Although not meaning a mockery, Punk still makes us laugh once in a while.

Replying to Punk’s comment, Sports Broadcaster Renee Young took the joke further. She asks punk if he wants to Face time if he wants to talk about it!

The best part of a showman is that he never stops being a showman. We always have to look out for Punk, he dishes out damage wherever he goes!