Immortals Roast Esports Org For Their New Logo

Some organizations opt for a rebrand after a while. And most of the time a change is good. That was not entirely the case for HellRaisers, an Esports organization as they made many blunders along the way and was made fun of by Immortals.

HellRaisers is a Ukrainian Esports org that is indulged in games such as CS: GO, Fortnite and DOTA. They were formed from the previous Astana Dragons team but has now gone out to make a name for themselves.

Worst Esports rebrand of all time?

The whole matter is centered around HellRaiser’s new logo. The old logo was a bit childish to say the least, so them opting for a change is understandable. HellRaisers decided to go for a change and just like any org they wanted to announce it in fashion and well, that didn’t go exactly as planned.

Hellraisers took it to Twitter to announce their new logo. Doing so, they made a big error. In the tweet, they wrote that they started in 2014. However, they went on to mention that it has been “10 years” already. That would necessarily mean the year we are currently living in is 2024; messing up the whole timeline. We wouldn’t want that to happen given what the year has already been doing to most of us.

The new logo wasn’t entirely bad. In fact, it was very different from the original. Although, many termed it as the worst Esports rebranding of all time.

They cut down the logo to just merely brows that does kind of go with org name of “Raisers”. We aren’t sure if that is what they meant with the logo, but another Esports org came into the scene and made fun of HellRaiser’s newfound logo.

Immortals roasts HellRaisers

US-based Esports organization Immortals took it to Twitter in a rather mocking style. They updated their logo with that from HellRaisers stating they just got their “Brows” done. It was a pretty good take at HR’s new logo but things didn’t stop there.

Immortals is considered one of the best Esports organization out there. They have competed for many titles and in many tournaments.

HR’s rebrand wasn’t that exceptional and not many have accepted it. Things could change with time and the new design could gain a following but it looks like a long shot.

HellRaisers wasn’t the only organization Immortals targeted this time. They even tweeted about their merchandise being better than 100 Thieves’. This wasn’t taken well by members of the organization and led to many retweets taking a dig at Immortals.

Debating on the matter is hard. 100 Thieves have been doing exceptionally well with their merchandise and apparels, so it goes out to say that Immortals tweet is just another joke they pulled off. What do you think about HR’s new logo and Immortals take on the matters? Let us know in the comments.