Improving Business Outcomes with Search Analytics

Businesses have many plates to balance when it comes to seeing increased profits. They need to take care of their customers, come up with a great product that sell and manage their capital — all at once.

One of the things you should consider focusing your energy on, especially if you’re in eCommerce, is working to improve your business outcomes with search analytics.

Here’s how search analytics work and why they are so important to improving your business outcomes, regardless of the type of business website upon which your efforts are focused.

What are Search Analytics?

The term search analytics refers to the use of data to help investigate different interactions between the search engine, web searchers, or content during a searching episode. This analysis is used to help a business better understand its customers and how to bring more of them to its website. Many times the results of the analysis are then translated into effective SEO and SEM campaigns for the company.

A Specifically Tailored Application is Key

While a business can certainly use some of the data provided from Google Analytics and other similar search engine tools, having its own analytics tools is also an imperative. This allows the responsible individuals within the organization to get a more in-depth look at the customers, which pages they visit, how long they stay on each page — as well as in the website in general and — most critically — how often a website visitor converts to a paying customer.

Search Analytics Reveal the Main Driver of Sales

Businesses can use search analytics to help them see where their websites are performing well and what changes they need to make. The company may have many visitors come to the website, but few are actually making purchases. Search analytics can help determine why. Or, maybe they need to keep their budget down, so figuring out where the majority of their conversions come from can be beneficial.

Easier and More Accurate Strategic Planning

It’s easier for a business to make plans for the future with proper search analytics. Many businesses may start out with a broad campaign to drive sales to their website, but over time, they can use their analytics to help determine more precisely where they should place their money. In the event in which the analytics indicate there are several avenues that do not seem to convert well, or are not providing a good return on investment, suitable adjustments can be made to improve their performance, or discontinue them altogether.

More Accurate SEO and Ad Budgeting

Search analytics helps you to be more efficient working with your SEO and advertising budget. If one area is performing well, whether it is a certain advertising campaign, certain keywords that match up with your customers, or another targeting method, search analytics helps showcase these profitable spots so your business can focus on these more.

It is impossible to see what is working and what is not for bringing in customers when your site is lacking good search analytic. It’s important to focus on more than just how many visitors are coming to look at the website. You must also consider whether these visitors are becoming paying customers — and what led them to do so. Looking at all the avenues is the best way for improving business outcomes with search analytics.

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