Interceptions show invaders near Kreminna believe they are fighting entire world

Relatives of the Russian invaders also believe that they are

In a telephone conversation one of the invaders, who is currently near Kreminna in Severodonetsk district of Luhansk Oblast, told his mother soldiers from a host of countries were fighting, but not Ukrainians

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“There are no khokhols left here,” the soldier said, using a racist slur against Ukrainians.

“Negros, Arabs, French, Canadians, Finland, Americans… The entire Europe, yes… Want me to bring you a Negro’s ear, mom?”

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However, the soldier admitted that he was only on the second line of defense, and had hardly seen even a single enemy soldier.

Meanwhile, his stories about the situation in the Russian army turned out to be more down-to-earth and realistic.

“There is such a sh**ty attitude towards people in general,” the Russian soldier said.

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“We have another corpse lying around, and no one even takes it away. The command doesn’t give a f**k at all… They don’t give us stew, they don’t give us anything. We eat what we can pinch. Men don’t eat for two days at a time.”

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