Is Google looking for a replacement for CEO Sundar Pichai?

A post on LinkedIn on 28th July 2019 shocked the entire world. Google posted that the company is in search of a new CEO. The CEO post of Google is a dream job for many aspirers from all around the globe. In some time, the entire picture became crystal clear, thereby ruining a million dreams.

The news was fake. Google the tech giant cannot even think of operating without their CEO Sundar Pichai, a man of Indian origin.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai
Image: Flickr

Users saw the same post on a Microsoft owned professional networking social platform as well. It clearly stated that the position was open.

Within minutes people from all across the globe started applying for the same. Later on, a Netherland based online recruiter confirmed that he posted it on LinkedIn.

Michel Rijnders, later on, stated that it is a security defect. The security defect lets anyone post a job opening on any company’s LinkedIn home page officially without their knowing.

What comments did Michel make?

Michel also went onto say that this was not the first time that he had posted such an opportunity. Previously he also posted a job opening for LinkedIn.

The post was that of an opening for the CEO of LinkedIn. LinkedIn, which is a social platform for professionals to connect charges an employer a certain amount of money for posting a job opening.

At the same time, the job poster must own a premium account. LinkedIn never charged Michel for posting such job openings on the official page of a company.

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A user of LinkedIn posts saying that the job opening for the position of a CEO of Google was strange. Sundar Pichai is doing a great job.

Google, under him, is evolving as a huge tech giant. At the same time, people who applied for the post was disheartened with the fake news. LinkedIn thanked Michel for bringing their attention to this kind of a security bug.