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Is Kate Middleton be Jealous of Meghan Markle?

Tori Holland



Kate Middleton Jealous of Meghan Markle
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It is not a new rumor that Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is jealous of her sister in law Kate Middleton. As she consistently making headlines since the time she became a member of the royal family. But despite what everyone says, it doesn’t seem like Duchess Kate will ever be jealous of Duchess Meghan.

Duchess Kate Middleton doesn’t have freedom like Duchess Meghan Markle

It is not speculation that Middleton has certainly strict standards than the Meghan Markle. There’s no doubt that their lives are totally different.

Kate Middleton has 3 children to raise. She supported and helped Prince William in ruling when he becomes King after his father, Prince Charles.

On the other hand, Meghan Markle married to Prince Harry has more freedom to act and do. Like she and Prince Harry have the freedom to extend vacations from the royal duties. They also have the ability to keep their family life out of the public spotlight.

However, Kate Middleton is duty-bound to share her children’s pictures on social media. And to maintain a social life also.

Even Meghan Markle can bend royal rules on occasions. Over the past years, Meghan has already broken a number of rules. It seems like there were not any real consequences of breaking those rules.

However, Kate, on the other hand, is not known to be a rule breaker. After all, within the next several decades, she is going to be a Queen.

Despite all the restrictions, it doesn’t seem like Kate would ever be jealous of Meghan. She is enjoying happy, healthy family life and accepting her role as a wife and mother.

The second reason why Kate would never be jealous of Meghan is being loved by the Press and people. Kate rarely found suffering from any bad publicity. She is the most beloved member of the royal family.

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Brad Pitt calls himself a trash mag fodder and his life a disaster

Tori Holland



Brad Pitt
Image Source: Instagram

The Hollywood Heartthrob Brad Pitt has recently called his life a disaster and himself a trash mag fodder in a podcast. Pitt also spoke of his love life and paparazzi on the podcast “WTF” by Marc Maron on Monday, accompanied by Leonardo DiCaprio.

In the podcast, DiCaprio has stated that the number of paparazzi following him has reduced since his initial days. Moreover, he expressed his happiness about not being followed and hence getting to walk around freely.

To DiCaprio’s statement, Pitt expressed his envy as he talked about still being followed around by the paparazzi. Furthermore, Pitt referred to himself as a trash mag fodder for all the feeding that goes around him in tabloids and magazines. Besides, he added that his disastrous personal life could be a reason for the attention.

Pitt also stated having certain get-away for escaping and denied sharing the knowledge as the ways were still in use.

The podcast began with Pitt saying that he was a big fan of Marc’s shows and DiCaprio readily accepted the fact.

Moreover, Pitt also talked about his love life and associated rumors at the seventy-seventh Golden Globes Award last month.

Pitt stated his wish to bring his mother to the awards ceremony. However, he jokingly added that he did not bring his mother as he was being linked to anyone next to him.

The actor’s former flames were also present in the awards show except for his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. He drifted apart from Jolie officially back in 2019 and shares six children with her. While three of the children were biological to the couple, three children were adopted by them.

Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston previously who graced the occasion with her presence and was seen keenly listening to him. However, the duo drifted apart in 2005.

Furthermore, Gwyneth Paltrow, formerly engaged with Pitt, was present at the awards show as well.

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Brie Larson attire on Jimmy Kimmel Live becomes the talk of the town

Tori Holland



Several movies have shown how a dress or appearance could remind people of their love for a person. However, that became a reality for the much-loved Endgame star, Brie Larson on Tuesday.

The host of the show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ Jimmy Kimmel, could not make it to the show the previous day. Therefore, the show had invited Brie Larson as the guest host for the episode to be telecasted on Wednesday. However, the pictures of Brie in a dress with revealing design led to a storm of appreciation for Brie.

Well-known for the role of Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, Brie took over the role of Jimmy on his show. As the guest host, she interviewed Jamie Fox, her co-star for Mercy on the Jimmy Kimmel Live.

However, it was a specific part of the show where the dress of the Marvel starring actress led to the flood of tweets. Amongst all these tweets from the fans from all around, Jimmy Kimmel also complemented Brie. Jimmy tweeted on how the guest host was stunning that night while referring to the actress as ‘Jimmy’.

While some tweets talked of how the outfit and Brie were looking beautiful, the others appreciated the designer.

In one tweet a fan also talked of turning the show off in self-defense as the photograph could give him a heart attack. Another fan also stated how one could love Brie for her work along with admiring her revealing dress.

The actress in her recent interview talked about her ignorance on her future projects and described it exciting. However, Brie also talked about how she spent the last half of the year as her incubation time. She stated that she is going to turn 30 and has been working hard for a long time. Hence, she wishes to think about all that might come her way along with getting to know herself better.

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Kim Kardashian accepts to photoshopping her Christmas card

Tori Holland



Kim Kardashian accepts to photoshopping her Christmas card
Image Source: Instagram/Kim Kardashian West

Managing kids may take a toll on one’s mental health. And when one has four toddlers in the house, there is no doubt in the formerly stated fact.

Talking of her kids, Kim Kardashian revealed the story behind her Christmas card picture with her family to Ellen Degeneres at Ellen’s show. Kim accepted to have photoshopped her eldest daughter, North in the family photograph.

With Christmas around the corner, Kim shared the West family’s Christmas card on Instagram. However, the fans and followers were quick to notice the difference in the lighting upon North West. Some people even asked Kim to get someone better to edit the photograph.


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The West Family Christmas Card 2019

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Anyhow, this was not the only instance in which followers questioned Kim for photoshopping. But, it was the first instance where she accepted to photoshopping the picture.

However, the KKW Beauty-owner stated that the eldest of the West kids, North was in a bad mood. Besides, North was crying due to some issues with her hair. Therefore, Kim decided not to include her daughter in the Christmas card, to which North agreed.

But, the young North changed her mind within a few hours. So she asked Kim if she could have a Christmas card solely featuring the mother-daughter duo. Kim readily agreed to her daughter’s proposal.

Moreover, her photographer was in the town at the time and so the reality star asked him to come over. Amidst all this Kim realized that she was clad differently from the day of the shoot and had no makeup on her.

So she asked the photographer to pretend to click the picture but Photoshop her later. Hence, the photo was photoshopped distinguishably.

Kim further added that it was a tough thing to get four kids in a room, smiling. Moreover, Kim also called the photoshoot dramatic. However, the 39-year-old mother to North, Psalm, Saint, and Chicago also expressed her relief over the turn of events.

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