“It Was All I Had”- Watch a Shattered Sebastian Vettel Thank Ferrari After Another Q2 Debacle

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel simply cannot wait for the 2020 season to conclude and just end his misery already. The 4-time world champion has been eliminated in Q2 for the second time, which is two times too many. It is already common knowledge that the German driver is leaving Ferrari at the end of the season. However, he would prefer to go out on a high note.

The devastating part about this is that the Ferrari SF1000 has been a poor car, and Vettel’s struggles are not his fault. As he cruised back to the pit lane, all he could say was, “It was all I had, it was all that there was in this car. So, I’m trying. Thanks.”

Can Sebastian Vettel turn things around?

Truthfully, the 4-time world champion’s motivation has been ground to nothing but dust. His driving is a bit lacklustre and he is a country mile behind teammate Charles Leclerc. Many already consider Leclerc as the future of Ferrari, but must it come at the expense of Sebastian Vettel?

He has spent nearly six years with the Maranello squad, but has fallen short of the title on several occasions. He enjoyed the numero uno status for a long time, until the Monegasque driver’s arrival. Many know that Ferrari always favored a Number 1-Number 2 driver system.

Vettel has been the Number 1 driver for so long, that when he is unexpectedly thrust into the Number 2 role, he is floundering. The Ferrari team is certainly not helping his case when they favour the younger Leclerc over the more experienced Sebastian Vettel.

Now, the German driver is set to start from 12th on the grid and has a huge mountain to climb. Meanwhile, he can take comfort in the fact that Leclerc is not too far ahead, starting in 8th place. This only goes to show, how far Scuderia Ferrari has fallen from grace.

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