“It was almost g**mn unbearable”

AEW Full Gear recently featured another round in the decades-long feud between Sting and Jeff Jarrett. While Cornette is a fan of the two, especially Jarrett, he recently shared his deep concerns and gripes with their match.

The Last Outlaw recently made his debut in AEW and quickly went to war with Sting. The pair have had run-ins with each other during both their tenures with WCW and TNA. Both legends seem to be far from done, and can still go head-on at their respective ages.

During the recent The Jim Cornette Experience, the former wrestling manager shared some heartfelt praise for DoubleJ and compared Bryan Danielson to him:

“Regardless of what you think about him, Jeff Jarrett is the best worker on the AEW roster. Bryan Danielson is probably the best at modern-style. There is nobody that is as good as Jeff Jarrett at classic pro wrestling. [But] all that was completely negated here.” (03:14:42 onwards).

Cornette continued, noting how the younger stars could have been utilized, slamming the bout’s end result:

“Jay Lethal is one of the most special talents they had, and all that was negated here. And Darby Allin, as the unique weird charisma and people like to watch him, but he can be led. And Sting, he’s 63, he’s an Icon. They had to muck this f**king thing up to where it was almost g****mn unbearable. They couldn’t just have a g****mn tag team match, they couldn’t do what these guys could do. They had to AEW it up!” (03:15:29 onward).

Another WWE Hall of Famer recently commented on Jarrett’s inclusion on the AEW roster. They claimed that he deserves 10% of all the earnings he makes in the promotion.

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Jim Cornette believes that a singles match between Darby Allin and Jeff Jarrett in AEW would be a much better move

Jim Cornette is clearly a fan of The Last Outlaw as, despite his gripes with the match, he had resounding praise for the veteran. Furthermore, it seems that Cornette wants DoubleJ to rub off on Darby Allin.

During the same episode, the former wrestling manager claimed that a singles bout between the two would be the best of Allin’s career:

“I would love – I would pay to see Jeff Jarrett and Darby Allin have a twenty-minute singles match where nobody would be allowed to touch the arena floor or they would be electrocuted to death. And I bet you it would be the best match Darby ever had and a better match than most of these [matches on the card].” (03:19:47 onward).

While it remains to be seen if the feud between the stars is ultimately over, at 55 Jeff Jarrett could still have a lot of juice left in his tank. Stinger has shown throughout his AEW tenure that he can still go with the best of them.

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