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Jade and Tanner Second Child: Tanner Shared her long story in short

Evan Lewis



Jade and Tanner Second Child_ Tanner Shared her long story in short

Tanner and Jade Roper Tolbert welcomed their second child into the world, a baby boy, on Tuesday, 30 July 2019. It’s a happy moment for the former reality star of the show “Bachelor in Paradise” who fell in love during the second season of the show.

The couple revealed that the baby is 7lbs., 9 oz and 20 inches long. They added that Emmy has also accepted her little brother as she gave a forehead kiss to her little brother.

Jade posted a picture on Instagram with hubby Tanner and Daughter Emily in Late January

During the pregnancy, in late January, jade shared a snapshot on Instagram with her family holding ultrasound pictures in her hand.

Jade and Tanner Second Child

Image: Instagram

She captioned it in a way as an announcement of the second baby till august. From the very starting of pregnancy, the couple was expecting a baby boy only.

Jade Roper Tolbert posted a picture on Instagram with a caption sharing her long story in short

Just after the birth of a baby boy, jade posting a picture of her holding baby boy on her hands with a caption sharing her long story in short:

“I accidentally gave birth at home last night. I have been still processing the shock of this all, as this was not at all what I had planned but I am so thankful to each person who helped to bring our son safely into the world.

I’ll share my whole birth story soon, but long story short, and 75 minutes later I gave birth to a healthy boy while clutching a bench in our closet.

It was one of the scariest moment of my life because I felt so out of control, but tanner, tanner’s mom, medicos and firefighters kept me going.

At last, she added that she is so incredibly grateful for the support system and for the beautiful baby she gets to hold in her arms”

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Now Taylor Swift Can Perform Her Old Songs at the American Music Awards

Vicky Sequeira



Now Taylor Swift Can Perform Her Old Songs at the American Music Awards
Image Source: Instagram

Recently Big Machine Label Group makes an announcement regarding Taylor Swift’s upcoming American Music Awards performance. Now Taylor Swift can perform her old songs at the AMAs. 

It all happened after Swift posted a letter on social media. She claimed that Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun blocked her from performing songs from the first six albums at the AMAs.

On Nov 14, Taylor wrote a letter referring to her fans and the music industry. In the letter, Taylor contended that American Music Awards will be honoring her with the Artist of the Decade Award. For that, she was planning to be performing on her old hits. On which, Taylor claims that Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun have stopped her from performing her old songs on television. 

In the letter, she also wrote that Borchetta and Braun were preventing her from using her catalog in an upcoming Netflix documentary. They told her that she could only use her old music if she did not re-record her masters in 2020.

Big Machine Label Group Released a Statement Regarding Controversy

Big Machine Label Group and Dick Clark Productions made an announcement on November 18. They announced that they have come to terms on a licensing agreement that approves their artists’ performances to stream post-show. They also approve their artists for re-broadcast on mutually approved platforms. 

After that, Taylor Swift’s fans celebrated that news on social media. However, it is still unclear what will happen with Swift’s Netflix documentary. But Swift’s fans are excited and are looking forward to when Taylor Swift will re-record her masters in 2020.

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Ariana Grande Is Not Well And Forced To Cancel Concert Due To Illness




Ariana Grande Is Not Well And Forced To Cancel Concert Due To Illness

Ariana Grande may have to cancel her upcoming concert due to health issues. She is “devastated” after knowing that she was forced to cancel her show due to her health concerns. 

She confirmed to her fans on social media that she’s been sick for three weeks. And She had been coughing and had a sinus infection. Ariana added that she is so much in pain and trying to find out what’s going on. 

Ariana Grande shared that she has been sick since the last London show. Now due to her health issues, she won’t be performing at her next stop on the Sweetener World Tour. She is trying to see her doctor and get better for the show. Hopes are high!!

Ariana is disappointed on canceling her show

Ariana said It has always been the worst thing her to cancel a show, especially at this point. She said she needs to figure out what’s happening with her body. “It’s a scary feeling for me,” said Ariana. 

It hurts Ariana Grande the most when she gets to know that she has to cancel her concert. That made Ariana understandably very upset. She is very sorry to her fans and loved ones for not being able to push through tonight.

Lastly, Ariana gets emotional and thanked everyone for understanding and sending her too much love in her bad time. She said she will keep her fans updated about her health. She added- her mom and friends are taking care of her. And she loves her fans with all her heart.

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Sean Borg plans meeting with Netflix in India amidst negative comments from fans on his style choices at 52

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Red Carpet Ready: Fans prefer Sean in a suit

Sean Borg has been in headlines this week; the former news presenter-turned lifestyle and travel expert told the Australian website The Daily Scanner how he found aging difficult.

The story led the British TV personality to respond to negative comments flying at him on social media after he was photographed wearing trendy green camouflage cargo pants.

Borg felt it was ludicrous that fans from around the world criticized him for dressing ‘too young.’

Controversial look? “I think you can still get away with wearing, say, camouflage pants in your fifties and look good,” Sean said.

The paparazzi photos show the British TV personality looking relaxed and casual as he walked his dogs —Japanese Chins, Olive, and Eli, on a Los Angeles street.

The comments, now deleted, had fans commenting on Sean’s younger styling, one wrote: #hatethosepants — I don’t like those pants on you, you look a bit silly in them; you look suaver in a suit!!! #Bigfashionfauxpas”

And another replied, defending the handsome Brit, said: Sean, do not listen to them; you look fantastic for 52. I wish I could dress like that and get away with it!!!! You look cool! #Lovingyourlook!!!!”

Sean’s response was: “At least I can pull this look off, not everyone my age can.”

A spokesperson for Borg, who is becoming a recognized face in India’s tabloids, Akhilendra Sahu, told Newsbrig: “Sean is 52-years-old and looks great! His style choices appear to have upset some people, and created an enormous divide online with fans.” 

Sahu continued: “Some fans loved his look, and others hated it. You can’t please everybody; it is silly, I think. But the Internet is mighty, it is tough to stop this kind of thing for our clients.” 

Borg, who appeared on the top FOX TV news show — TMZ, in the USA, responded to the comments, telling India’s №1 news website“At least I can pull this look off, not everyone my age can.”

Sean said: “I didn’t understand why people hated this look so much,”

“I think you can still get away with wearing, say, camouflage pants in your fifties and look good…with the right approach, this is,” he continued.’

Sean Borg is known for his cool fashion sense, seen here arriving at Trio restaurant in Palm Springs

LatestLY also announced that Netflix TV chiefs in Mumbai want to meet with Borg, known for the Trivago advertisements, and he has plans to visit India for business meetings in early 2020.

Sahu said: Sean is planning a trip to Bollywood in the New Year. He has a love for India like no other country in the world, its people have embraced his work, and he is excited to visit early next year. He is thrilled to have this opportunity.”

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