Jamie Lee Curtis Birthday Special: From Halloween to H20, Ranking the 5 Best Films of the Actress From the Iconic Horror Franchise!

It’s Jamie Lee Curtis’ birthday and the horror icon turns 64 on this special day. Being the original scream queen of Hollywood, Curtis’ career has been defined by some of the most iconic horror movies of our time. Starring in the Halloween films, Curtis pretty much established herself as the final-girl and slasher films were all the better for it. Jamie Lee Curtis Says Her Career Wasn’t ‘Handed to Her on a Plate’.

Her tortured take of Laurie Strode is one that has always resonated with fans. An innocent girl who had her entire life change due to the boogeyman – Curtis did a great job at portraying the character. With the films not always being a hit, but also not being a miss, Curtis’ Halloween films are some of the most iconic of the franchise. So, to celebrate her birthday, lets rank five of her best Halloween films.

Halloween Ends

The new Halloween trilogy definitely took some twist and turns, and while they didn’t land perfectly, they need to be applauded for taking some bold risks. Halloween Ends is quite the complicated film, and while the story subverts expectation with execution that leaves a lot to be desired, Curtis’ final battler with Michael Myers at the end does deliver.


A reboot that picks up 20 years later after the second movie, this film sees the return of Michael Myers. Making Laurie Strode go into hiding after her brother returns, their battle begins once more. A fun take on the Halloween saga that definitely had some weird takes to it, H20 still is a very enjoyable ride.

Halloween II

Honestly, Halloween II does deserve a second chance. While it does lose some of the magic of the original, the overall tale still provided for a fitting conclusion. With the kills being ramped up and Michael just going ham in a hospital, the film does pack a punch.

Halloween (2018)

Another reboot that ignores all the films after the original, it sees Laurie have a family now, but still be paranoid about Michael returning. When an accident lets Michael free from imprisonment, Halloween night takes a turn for the worse. Probably being the best outing since the original, this was a great sequel.

Halloween (1978)

The place where it all began, the film focuses on a mental patient who after killing his sister as a child, grows up to become Halloween night’s biggest nightmare. Launching the career of Jamie Lee Curtis, this is an iconic film that set the standard for the slasher genre. Jamie Lee Curtis Slams Kanye West For His Anti-Semitic Comments, Says She ‘Burst Into Tears’ (Watch Video).

With Jamie Lee Curtis’ Halloween reign coming to an end, we do have to thank her for bringing this iconic character to the screen. With this, we end the list and wish Jamie Lee Curtis a very happy birthday.

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